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Full Version: All Mother's gifts
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His paws squelched through mud though it was not deep, the ground below still clutched at the last vestiges of winter and was frozen deeper down. Soon though all mother would shake the winter’s cold from her.

Even so The over large white brute had mud flecked through his pelt as he searched high and low for herbs and plants to take and replant elsewhere.

He stopped by the base of a small tree and sniffed carefully he could tell some flower had grown there in the past he wondered if her took the patch of order topsoil would he be able to encourage the flowers to grow again?

Carefully he pawed the dirt trying to separate a chunk or clump of dirt intact
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Cedarwood burned down the wanderer's throat and up his nose, which was exceptionally unpleasant. More important to Mesa was his growing hunger; this was why he persisted in roaming the woods while the rest of his body fought against an evident allergy. He was not as quiet as he liked to believe himself to be: rapacious with his frenzied steps, writhing from point to point rather than a proper stalking of the paths. He couldn't smell anything except the heavy bark-scent.

As he rounded a corner, the sound of something clawing at the dirt broke the stillness. Mesa paused and tried to taste the air; his lip lifted briefly to draw air back across his palate, a flehmen response. It did not help. He soon gagged and spat a wad of phlegm in to the detritus along the forest floor — quite near where the other wolf was digging.
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The over large white brute had been rolling the clump of turf with such single-mindedness he hadn't noticed the new comer until something hit the ground close by. Without thought Vein sniffed at the phlegm then snorted slightly, it had an off scent to much mucus not enough fluid.

His golden eyes lifted to the giver of that sample and he frowned "Well hello there. Is there something I can help you with"

His mind was already going through all the possible plants that could help with throat infections, though this didn’t quiet smell like an infection. He needed more info though Echinacea already flitted to his mind for it’s natural anti histamine properties and use in helping with upper respiratory infections practical anything to do with breathing or the nose and throat. Butterbur would be better and more potent of course but it grew in the summer and need to be made into a tincture to be safe unlike the Echinacea. Which he had some of right here in his transplant pile

He cleared his throat and stood taller “I’m Vein a healer by my reckoning” he offer to the wolf by way of introduction watching the other carefully for any signs of contagious sickness or any other signs
Why hello there.
Is there something I can help you with?
The stranger didn't look too pleased. Then again, Mesa wasn't a very good judge of expressions to begin with. They seemed intrigued by the phlegm which was weird, but he wasn't all that attentive about it. Sniffling a bit. Swallowing whatever hadn't been lauched from his throat.

Mesa perused the dirt by the stranger's feet. He drew his eyes up and down the figure before himself, a bored expression on his face.

What're you diggin' for?
Vein noticed the other didn't give their name but more often then not the wolves were uncivil like that around these parts, information was more precious to the wolves then gold was to humans. He shrugged it off then looked over the sod he was prying free from the ground, he forgot he'd have to travel with the hunk of ground, so he gave up on the sod and turned his full attention to his new companion

His rich baritone was friendly as it filled the air "I am looking for plants that I can use in my trade, May I ask you a few questions?" He paused but rather then wait for permission to granted for asking the questions he asked them any way allowing for the wolf to answer if they felt like it.

"How long has your throat been producing mucus? Does your throat or nares hurt? How long has it been like this? Does this happen to you more often in spring or does it get worse as time goes on? Any headaches?"

he peered at the wolf before him as if he was trying to deign the answers before the other could even answer them if they were even willing to.