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Full Version: Every where I go, I go for you
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The large white brute was traipsing through the whole of the Tuktu Hinterlands, and fianlly he found a place where a meal might come easy. He grinned as he heard the many Grouse before he saw any. Spring was a time of time of plenty, where birds like grouse lost themselves in the mating dance.

Vein padded along the ground and ignored for the most part any grouse, he wanted them to get used to his presence without the threat of being eaten because he wanted to make it easier to catch them later. He continued his search for herbs and other tidbits that might be useful in his chosen profession or perhaps if he were lucky he'd find a suitable offering to the gods

It wasn't longer before he came to a small clearing and in it grouse were running all about. Here he decided to lay in the brush and watch the creatures for a time He wanted to see how many burrows there were and watch them long enough to learn how to catch many in as short a time as possible. If he had a hunting companion it might make this easier.

Once he lay down the birds all scattered and quiet returned to the clearing, He lay patiently with heavy lidded eyes, pretending to fall immediately to sleep. It took longer then he would have liked for the birds to come out of their holes and cautiously begin courting one another again, but they did with more and more confidence as he refused to move and was careful not to stare at any one bird to long.