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@Blair! Forward dated to June 1st just to be safe lmao, other tags for reference! Also making assumptions that Arlette agreed to watch Lotus while Nyra was out, please let me know if I need to change anything <3

@Lotus would be almost a month old now, and Nyra smiled warmly as she left her daughter in the care of @Arlette, so she could pick up on trying to do more patrols. It wouldn't be too long now, the Queen thought, before she was moving her own numbers to form the sister clan she had spoken of to @Kynareth Deagon

Out a ways, into the Sweep, the Empress looked around in awe as the sun filtered through the branches, making a beautiful display as she continued to mark the trees and look around for any potential trespassers, or better yet - recruits.
I apologize on Blair's way of greeting lol. He's just a obnoxious ginger that means well.

Jeez, how long was he going to walk? Blair cursed in Gaelic as he explored the lands that resembled his homeland, not missing what he used to roam in. Sometimes a change of scenery was great as it helped the wandering mind, but it never settled the homesickness of days gone by. Not that the ginger hated his upbringing. In fact, if he stayed at home, Blair probably would have been pretty happy about it. However, the wanderlust and instincts that grew in his younger days was enough that he needed to go off on his own for a while, as any man would do when it was time for him to become a man anyway.

Blair carried with him a large femur he had salvaged from an elk. It was rather heavy on one end and occasionally, Blair would chuck it across the field after doing a couple of spins. It would look rather odd to anyone else that may not have understood him. To Blair, this was an important sport to his kin. The further the femur was thrown, the stronger the wolf was considered to be. Blair was skilled at many things such as fighting and hunting, but sports and a show of prowess and skill is where he got the most enjoyment. Competition was one of his favorite things to stay busy with, and there was no harm in making a competition out of almost everything, right?

Deciding to take a break, Blair set the femur down and took a seat, not realizing that Nyra was down the way not too far. She was in view and her white coat got his attention. It was a beautiful creature with a coat as white as snow, and the golden eyes reminded him of a snowy owl. Blair continued to watch her, even as she pissed on a tree to mark it, before moving on. The woman held herself with an air of confidence and leadership, rightfully not one to piss off, but his sore feet took anyway any level of common sense out of him.

"Oy! If yer gunna piss, do eet down wind, aye?" said Blair in a thick accent.
It really was peaceful...

For all of five fucking seconds. 

And then a thick accent erupted from somewhere to her side. Turning her head with hellfire in her golden hues, Nyra speared the Scottish brute with her gaze. 
At first, it was unwelcome, for she was caught off guard, but her ire smoothed over into a hearty laugh. 

"Forgive me for my unscenely border marking, good sir." She jested in return, shaking out her pelt before beginning to approach the ginger male.

"And who might you be?" She purled, a smirk tugging at her lips.
"Well now. The lass has sass! Hardly expected it from someone like yourself. Looking like a queen and all."

Blair's attempted compliment wasn't the best he had, but the man tried. Lately, all of his jests had produced offended reactions from others, women included. Hadn't anyone realized that joke cracking to someone meant that Blair liked them? To each their own because really who was he to judge? Blair knew his personality wasn't liked or appreciated, but he could get a job done. Besides, it was more fun to push other's buttons anyway to see what they reacted to.

"Blair Muireadhach. But just call me Blair." said Blair. His surname sounded much like "Murdock" but with a thicker accent. Blair wouldn't often include his last name in introductions, but in this case it happened to slip out. 

"I imagine that you wouldn't be called Snow, Ivory, or Pearl, right? You don't seem the fragile type." Blair said with a smirk. He could be a bit of a flirt if he wanted to, but the mentioning of "border marking" told the ginger that it was likely a lady of higher rank. It was best not to get off on the wrong foot.
The Queen chuckled with amusement as the ginger seemed to take her tease with good heart.

Nyra's smile was clearly approving as he gave his full name without being difficult, and thus she easily returned the favor.

"My name is Nyra. I am the co-lead and Overseer of the Saints of the Dying Light, and future Empress of their sister pack, the Archangels." She revealed, tail swaying with both pride and silent friendship.
So the lady was a queen! Well this changed things a bit, though his humor would not. You either liked it, or didn't. Whatever the case may be, Blair was Blair no matter how you looked at it. Blair would describe his humor as cynical, sarcastic, and occasionally improvised. Some of the time it was tasteful, even if he was the only one that found it funny.

"From classy, to sassy, and now the dutiful. Not sure if most would find a bruteful sense of humor becoming of a lady like yourself, but I admire it most. You would think more women like you would relax a bit."

Blair gave a polite and respectful bow, recognizing her rank now that humor was set aside. 

"Blair Muireadhach is the name. But you can call me Blair."
The Queen continued to smile upon her new acquaintance, chuckling softly as the ginger male said his piece about brutish humor.

"A good sense of humor is sometimes rare to find. Without play and laughter, what else is there to life besides melancholy?" Nyra mused, letting out another brief laugh.

"The Archangels will make their home north of here. There is a Copse there that seems fitting for a pack to make their home. You're welcome to join, if you'd like, Sir Blair." She offered. They needed the numbers anyhow, but beside that, she rather liked this man, and decided she wouldn't mind his presence should he stick around. 
Even Blair knew when it was time to put jokes aside. His foolery couldn't help but get lost in Nyra's smile, even when she asked if Blair would go with her to the Archangels. Blair had been traveling alone for long enough that the thought of company was exciting. "You speak the truth, Madam Lyra." Blair said with a light nod. Without the ability to let go and laugh a little, life was made to be difficult and not enjoyable. The constant stress didn't do good on someone's health either.

Blair looked to the north as Nyra indicated. With the Archangels just starting out, it meant that there would be a lot of work to do to establish the territory and bring in food. Not that Blair disliked the work, but he did appreciate a moment of fun and relaxation every once in a while. When it came down to it though, Blair would work until the work was done regardless.

"Sir Blair? Oh, Madam. I'm not deserving of such praise." Blair said with a chuckle. "But it's appreciated none the less. It would be a honor to follow a woman like yourself."
She smiled wide, tail swaying with excited joy at her legs.

"I have a daughter that's almost a month old now. Until she is old enough to make the journey to our chosen land, you're welcome to settle with the Saints. If it suits you better though, please feel free to find the Copse and begin establishing our claim. The choice there is yours." Nyra responded, turning her hell-gold eyes to the sky for a brief moment.
Oy - a little bland, but it works? -__-;;

A month old daughter now? Well then, the lass was married. As much as it disappointed or made jealous, Blair was happy for her. Blair wouldn't show his jealousy because where there was woman, there were more. Blair had a choice; to stake the claim at the Copse, or to stay with the saints and remain with her until they were ready to leave. Surely, she had the men on her side to escort her safely, so his decision was pretty easy.

"I will go to the Copse. I'll establish such a claim there that no man would dare cross it and seek your wrath."

Blair said with a slight bow, briefly continuing on with the formalities. "Though, I imagine it would be entertaining to watch." he said with a chuckle. "Are there others going to establish the territory? Or perhaps I should remain in Saints and leave with the entire group when ready, especially with little ones in tow."

Being that the little was were quite in fact little, it would make sense that she already had established a party of sorts to travel together to the new territory. For Blair, it was an adventure that he couldn't pass up, to start something new and exciting, and to establish a purpose for himself.
Sorry for my previous shortness, I've been having trouble with muse lately ;w;

Nyra registered the surprise that seemed to run briefly across his face, offering a soft chuckle as Blair spoke his choice, asked about if anyone else was currently at the Copse to solidify their claim. 
Almost sadly, the Queen thought of the small numbers they had. Hemlocke, she knew, had taken to the Copse to get started. At the current moment, there were only five members of her band. 
Herself, her daughter, Charles, Hemlocke, and now Blair. But Lotus wouldn't be ready to travel for at least another month or two, and her own paws were bound to stay with her child. Charles would also not leave until Lotus could travel too. He had said as much. 

With a sigh, Nyra answered. "Currently, only one other wolf is at the Copse. My daughter keeps me and her father tied to the Strath, thus we currently can't add our scents to the claim yet. The other wolf in the Copse currently, is named Hemlocke. He's as black as darkness, with red eyes, normally only out and about during the night due to being extremely sensitive to sunlight." The Empress turned her head some, looking toward the towering mountains that separated the Hinterlands from the Wilderness, the former claim for Moonspear...

"I think it would be of our best interest if you joined Hemlocke in the Copse, help get our claim on the land settled." Her gaze returned then to Blair, silently asking if he had any objections