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tracking #1 (rolled for target: whitetail deer herd, and imaq will eventually be spotted by the herd)

When Siqiqniq rose, the day was clear and sharp with a bright but cold sunshine that cast the Glacier in vivid relief. Somehow the colors of the lavender and catmint stalks seemed brighter, the angles of the dark pines and craggy stones sharper as the cur dipped from the shadows of the Cavern and set off towards the borders.

With @Tzila and @Lane (tags for references) expecting children this spring, it did not necessarily mean that Imaq had more work to do but that her work had become even more important. She still patrolled relentlessly, hunted for their tribe, and when she wasn't busy guarding their land and filling the caches, the medicine woman toiled over herbs and cured furs for her people. Such was what had led her to rise so early, diligently meeting the day and its waiting tasks as was her habit.

And by sheer luck her punctual routine lent the inua to send her their favor in the form of a game trail -- many game trails in truth, the light snow disturbed and the mud heavy with hoofprints where the herd of grazers must have wandered into the territory as the tribe slept. 

Imaq turned away from her task as guardian, leaving the borders for the moment being to follow after the promising perfume with her nose lowered and her ears perked to catch any sounds.