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Full Version: xxi. still with hearts beating
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AW, botanist #9 (plant identification: chickweed vs. yellow pimpernel)

After spending the first half of the day scouring Ouroboros Spine for art materials, Lótë descended into the lower reaches of the territory and then beyond the borders entirely -- leisurely pace lengthening into an easy lope as her muscles warmed with the rising temperature. She set a path to the north, intending to explore foothills of the Great Bear range and see what lay just beyond their ring of low mountains.

The thick forest of pine she found there was enchanting in that it reminded the two-year greatly of home -- her mind immediately associating the word with village Moonglow rather than the Land of Many Elms she had left behind several months ago. It hadn't really felt like home anyways, not after her mother's death at least. 

As she trotted through the trees, creating a sort of mental map of her surroundings, the botanist was given pause by a smattering of small, yellow star-blooms that looked rather like the medicinal herb chickweed though the dove couldn't ever quite recall hearing about yellow varieties of the herb.