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Full Version: And you might have to tell me again
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Kyn decides to break from the pack lands today. Something he hasn’t done in some time. He needs to get himself familiar with all of the places around his home and the advantages they could have during battle. 

So he moves past cedar sweep, closer to the forest a pack of crazed deer worshiping wolves used to live, but not quite there. He stops short of a lake that he knows not the name of. The scenery around him is beautiful; the sun beating down, mottling the ground with spots of sunlight as it strikes through the trees above. 

He still listens to the world around him, ears always on a swivel for danger. He lowers his front half, slipping a purple tongue out to lap up the water as his muscles bunch and flex at the position he keeps. The lake water tastes fairly good and he can’t help but sigh as he laps it up. Unaware that he isn’t alone, he carries on like this for some time.
While Kynareth began to drink there was a short series of splashes from somewhere up ahead on the dam. Thinking he could move undetected Valour had gone for one of the Beavers working on the side of the blockage, the choice was fueled by desperation and a loss of temper so it lacked in careful forethought which had earned him a slap to the side of the jaw when he'd missed the second beaver working beside his target due to it being in his blindspot. The attack hadn't hurt but was unexpectedly fast catching him off guard so he stumbled backwards clumsily slipping on the rocks and falling without an ounce of grace into the water below the damn. When he got his feet underneath him he cursed under his breath and backed away from the dam before more of the tail swinging creatures could join their buddy outside and knock him senseless. Walking around the outer side of the den along the shore he finally spotted Kynareth, knowing who it was before he could inhale the wolfdog's scent by the stripes and tail that was curled just as quirkily as he remembered. 

Staring a moment longer than he should have at the uniquely shaped appendage he watched the man drink while ducking back into as much cover as he could beside the dam crouching amidst the branches with russet and brown agouti as camoflauge, lifting his nose in hopes the breeze would send him shifting his way so he could see if the man still reeked of pack. He was in danger on his own with how little he'd been eating, he could feel his fur loosening and skin growing tight around his ribs the gnawing reminder to eat was actually a dull ache like his body was forgetting what it mean to crave food. The failure to do much aside from scavenge lately had made him desperate....but he was wary of how his disappearance would be taken. Leaning on the fact he hadn't been around long with The Saints and done his share while there to make it a home (and ignoring the unrevealed snakey behavior before he'd gotten to know Kynareth) he cleared his throat to catch the man's attention while stepping away from cover and inching closer his tail swishing a singular time at his ankles "Kynareth. How nice that you're the first familiar face I meet" still as proper as ever though there was something more smooth and perhaps teasing to his tone as his eyes flitted to the man's tail long enough to be noticed before returning to a respectful place avoiding much eye contact as social customs demanded while waiting to gauge his reaction. 
Kyn had heard the splashing, but pays no mind to it. Only a swivel of his ears would give away the fact that he’d heard it. Otherwise he continues lapping at the water, not knowing a certain familiar pair of eyes watching him. 

Though soon enough, his sixth sense kicks in. The feeling of being watched prickles the fur atop his shoulder blades and inches down his spine, and up his nape. His brindled mane rises slightly and his ears flick back before he laps at dangerous jaws. He stands then, just as he hears the voice. He doesn’t instantly recognize it yet, but when he turns around he’s met with such a familiar man that it brings surprise to his features. 

Cream brows furrow and an inquisitive, but interested, look makes its home in his golden orbs. Valour. Though last he had seen the man he was fairly healthy looking. Now he has a missing eye and is completely malnourished. What a time it seems he’s had. Though as they gaze at one another, Kyn definitely notices the lingering eyes before they’re quickly averted. Out of shyness, fear, or respect, the brindle brute has no idea. Yet the flick of his tail near his hocks shows he’s at least moderately happy to see him, Kynareth, despite Valour’s sudden absence, can’t help but say that he’s happy to see him as well.

So a grand, but promiscuous smile comes to his maw. That usual devilish glint in his eyes gleams bright. “Welcome back, darling.” He hums. “Now, where have you gone? Getting into trouble I bet.” He purrs just as easily. 

Though he teases, there’s no doubting the hopeful glint that sparkles in his eyes at seeing his old friend back in one piece. He wouldn’t have the heart to chase him off or kill him, but he does hope to find answers and perhaps bring him back for dinner. It sure looks like he needs it.
Having grown more into his skills the look of interest in those piercing eyes did not go unnoticed and he stood taller, holding himself proudly under the scrutiny without as much on edge anxiety as he may have once done as a child standing before an adult who could beat his ass. Though he was skinny and leaner than he should be, Valour was still wiry with muscle that flexed as he rose to full height. It was his instinct to show pride and be fearless under the eyes of another, especially when that person was physical competition. Once Valour was flashed a wicked smile his posture relaxed the smoothly purred greeting catching him off guard his head ducking away quickly again to hide the quick flash of a smile, awkwardly clearing a strange thickness from his throat. Welcome back...  It felt odd to hear those words..a common enough thing to say but it felt eerily like in a way he'd been welcomed home. Doing a decent enough job of not looking entirely misty eyed for a moment, his tail swayed steadily now against his legs slowly "Causing and fixing it depending on who you run into"  his lips curved upward as his eyes mirrored the same gleam, easing into the teasing tone of conversation easily enough.

Staring at the familiar, friendly face he realized that this was where he'd have came back to eventually anyway . After everything he'd went through alone he'd realized that it wasn't Nightwalkers or Hydra that made him who he was, it was himself. All the good and the bad he had chosen to do of his own free will regardless of influences around him. The young man still wasn't sure how to view himself but he didn't consider himself a monster, he was proud of his accomplishments and the ones who had cast him dow were now cast down themselves...they meant nothing. What mattered was the place he found and squandered where for all the drama and questionable incidents, the wolves around him had actually believed in him and looked to him as pack. Or...at least he was sure they would have he'd not run off in angsty teen. "How about you? The Saints still going strong?" 
Kyn isn’t at all intimidated by the man that stands before him. Rather his eyes gleam with that mischievous mirth that usually befalls those he likes. He’s rather happy to see his old pack mate, friend, and if you could say, would be lover — even if it was a one off thing. So when he sees the smile stretch over that handsome face and his tail blur at his hocks he can’t help but chuckle at the words he hears.

“So, causing it I see.” He says quickly back in jest.

When Valour asks how the pack is going, it’s Donovan’s turn to preen. A wide prideful grin makes up his own face and he laughs that deep rolling chuckle once more. 

“It is. So full we’re starting a sister pack.” He purrs with a downwards tilt of his head and that usual devious glint in his sunlit orbs. “How ‘bout I bring you back home with me and we can have some dinner?” His rolling voice is almost suggestive as he says it, but jokingly adds with a tilt of his head - “Looks like you could use it.” 
The wariness faded out of his expression almost instantly, Kynareth's laughter and easy-going mannerisms soothing the anxieties weighing on his return. Silver eyes returned the playful gleam while he nodded flashing the man a quick grin "A bit here and there. It finds me" he doesn't say much more than that but did little to hide the pride from slipping into his tone.....he'd abandoned all hope of being a good man when he'd already besmirched that path. Whatever came his way as long as it brought him something of gain or interest, he participated in....troublesome or not. The mention of branching out was unexpected, shit he hadn't even been sure that The Saints of the Dying Light would be around after the time he'd spent away. Most of Teekon hated them the last he'd heard and with the drama between the pack and Ursus....welp he'd been just a bit worried. Doing his best to mask the surprise he instead gave a hearty wag, his ears standing up tall and expression now one of permanent glee sharing the man's pride in his progress "Sister pack? You've done very well then! I'll accept the offer of dinner, would you catch me up?" his stomach made itself clear at that very moment, roaring at the word dinner and making him feel sickened with the sharpness of how empty he suddenly felt. Fuck.....desperation wasn't great but he was capable of replacing whatever he ate. Looking to Kynareth Valour waited on the man's lead, already feeling like he was on his way home. 
The Grandmaster is horribly pleased to see him relax even further into his presence. Kynareth’s surprised, by even himself, that he’s so excited to have the man back. Valour has well honed skills in fighting and he would bring strength to the Saints — Kyn has much faith in that all on it’s own. 

So when he answers back with that mischievous grin and that playful banter Kyn chuckles easily once more. It seems much to easy for the agouti to make him laugh, but the feeling is quite welcome. 

It only gets better though. Especially as the brindled brute mentions the expansion of their potential sister pack, Valour seems to light up brilliantly. Those steely eyes showing what seems to be both pride and excitement. Donovan mirrors it right back at him with his own way of his curled tail. Happy that Valour seems content to come back with him, Donovan nods eagerly at his last request to get him up to date.

“Walk with me then, dear.” He requests softly, moving towards him in the direction of their home. 

“The Saints are large, but Nyra is with child, so she won’t be moving to the new territory until Lotus is a bit bigger.” He begins. “I myself had three pups — all boys. Sure to grow up warriors just as I did.” He boasts with a cheeky raise of his brows. “With Simmik, by the way.” He informs humorously. 

“Derg had pups with Arlette, two boys an a girl I think.” Kynareth continues. “Once all the mothers have recovered, mainly waiting on Nyra and Simmik, we’ll be initiating our plan to invade Ursus.” His usual sadistic excitement shows darkly through his voice and eyes at the mention of war. He’s terribly excited to wet his teeth with the blood of worthy opponents once more.