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the pack had grown.
the young woman, then, chose to make a fully selfish and thoughtless decision: departing brecheliant where little ones needed her protection and more soon to be born, leaving it behind for the sprawl of rock that separated the hinterlands from the fen.
she climbed up among the jagged stones, thinking of how she had bumbled into the saints before. the loud snort of a boar startled her, but she only bared teeth, snapping nastily in the beast's direction. a squeal before it chose not to test the wolf, galloping off with a passel of them.
maybe the woman did not want her. after all, akavir had come back. and teya represented no formal contract, no, not at all. it was for the best, then. teya felt as though she could see the strath stretching proudly below her, but was not sure, and fumbled at the far edge of the boar-heights, beginning to descend with a daring howl that rose for @Kynareth Deagon.
Kyn had been all the way at the northern borders, pissing on all the trees until his hearts content. Until he hears a howl, one that he doesn’t recognize, coming from within the territory. His brows furrow with suspicion and he stills. Wondering who the hell had gotten past the borders this time. 

So with brisk steps he rushes into a gallop, thick limbs full of muscle bunching up as he runs to figure out who this is. He’s been irritable lately, all because he hasn’t sunk his teeth into anything worthy lately. He’s ungodly frustrated and his hunt with Simmik the other day showed it in horribly obvious ways. He wants to kill but being so isolated in the strath makes visitors hard to come by. He even contemplates traveling north to the coast just to find someone to thrash around. All for shits and gigs too. 

When he finally arrives, he moves a little ways up the peak known as Boartusk Heights, catching the smell of a woman. There’s something so familiar about too. Until he sees her. A sun kissed would with those beautiful sky blue eyes. The one he had a fun time sinking his teeth into her nape and going to town on just a fair amount of weeks ago. 

Instantly his mood changes. A smile slinks over his maw and he steps towards her comfortably. “Look who came back.” He purrs, as he stalks towards her. “I’d almost say I missed you, darling.” The brindled brute jests easily as he shoots her a wink. 

Now he stand just before her, attempting to slink around her in a close ‘U’, head lowering to playfully nip at her hocks if she doesn’t move in time. He eyes her down with a heated stare and awaits her sweet voice to grace his ears.
by the time that kynareth found her, teya had succumbed beneath the weight of her own tears, by turns angered on ibis' behalf and haunted on that of tambourine.
it was a tear-stained face she turned toward the brindled giant as he descended upon her, that infernal purr piercing teya through with a vibration. he encircled her; she hopped away and again, laughing despite herself.
but the sound was short; it was a desperate countenance that lifted from her coolwater eyes, and she was against his chest if he allowed, plucking at the plush hairs of his ruff as a low whine stuttered to death in her throat, lips lifting to as far as she could reach along him, urging kynareth in the way of a heat-stricken woman.
but teya was not seized by the season that had already passed her. only her own grief and frustration centering him before her gaze, wanting him to drag her roughly against stone or tree and for a time make her only forget.
Kyn hadn’t noticed the tear stained eyes, his tiny male brain was too focused on her shapely form. This was horribly wrong of him. Though he thinks everything’s alright when he nips her hocks and she offers a small laugh. Until things are obviously not alright. 

She’s burying herself in his broad chest, she stretches far to reach him, lapping and nipping at him in a way that would seem enticing if a cry didn’t fall from her lips. Instantly, his playful demeanor shifts. Dark auds flick backwards then forwards again, circular brows pinch together in concern laced with wretched curiosity. Though, she presses against him as if she wants to be taken, but he couldn’t allow such a thing when there’s obviously something so wrong. 

He feels shivers crawl up his spine like electricity. A crying woman begging for his touch. The only thing that comes to mind is poor Aphrodite. What he did to her in his heat of red hot anger, such horrid sadness that had convinced him to force himself on her. The memories of tears pricking at his eyes when he had come to his senses and begged her for forgiveness. No. He would not be taking her until he figures out if he can at least make her feel better. 

With his same pensive, but concerned expression, he softly grabs at her nap with his teeth, pulling her closer to him. “Darling,” He begins deeply, but sternly. “what’s wrong?” He questions seriously, leaving no room in his voice to show her he’d just blow it off.
but kynareth did not heed her.
he questioned her.
white-hot rage, choking teya as she pulled away. a sensation she did not understand. but she had not come here to be understood, or to speak, or to explain. she had come for him, for the way that he managed to make himself the center of her world for a time, the land the sea the sky spreading above them both.
as if to answer her pain and her rage, the heavens paled suddenly to dove-grey, releasing an unexpected mist of rain.
teya stood caught in it, staring up at the concerned face of kynareth.
"after," she begged, the feel of his powerful jaws around her nape having fired her flesh for the things she wanted from him. "i tell you after."
once the physical and the psychological did not war so heavily inside her; once she had been exhausted enough to retrieve the pieces of herself.
breathless, shivering, seeking him again.

Mature Content Warning

This thread has been marked as mature. By reading and/or participating in this thread, you acknowledge that you are of age or have permission from your parents to do so.

The participants have indicated the following reason(s) for this warning: SEXUAL REFERENCES

He could feel her energy do a 360. He pulled away from him. Uh oh. Clearly the female in distress did not want to be questioned. He knows better than to try his luck twice. Though, just when he’s about to retaliate, the already cloudy sky becomes darker, rain hails down upon them and his brows raise slightly at the perfect timing. He doesn’t allow the change in weather to distract him long, as he had pulled her close and asked the words previously said. She gazes up at him with urgency, heat, desire, and he feels himself melting to her very whim. 

Afterwards then. He could deal with that. Only because the way she looks at him, so desperate and wanting, makes his own body heat up and that burning desire to take and take presses down on his chest. He would happily do whatever she says he decides. 

“Deal.” He might as well have growled into her ear with such heat that his own desire would be obvious. 

He’s feeling the mood, he knows exactly what she wants. So he rests a heavy paw on her back and drags her closer to him. Teeth snatching the plush fur of her nape, he moves her beneath his giant form. Covering her completely. He would take her in a searing heat of pent up emotions and primal aggression. Allowing his own frustration to be let out, for if he cannot have blood and death, then sex is the next best thing.
kynareth obscured her, smudged teya to nothingness, a thumb-etching of ink meant to stain and to change.
teya stared off toward the changing light glowing around the edge of the boar-infested place. the scent of pine was sharp around the mingled fragrance the two had churned into the petrichor-touched air.
"have you love a man, kynareth?" she asked softly, a red-charcoal figure sprawled; comma; in the arms of the powerful king-saint. had she not known him for a small while, she might have thought him only passionate. but she recognized in his steeltone embrace her own sort of appetites: not easily blunted once whet, and with no discernment for gender.
"do they love other men in same way?"
"woman in brecheliant i love. her husband back after pack thought him dead." a breath that rippled her flanks. was she right to feel so? was this langour in her limbs — below the heat kynareth had inspired — was this the salt-spike of grief. "it not as easy as loving men." her eyes narrowed. "harder. i will never be mother. she is mother twice. maybe we not understand each other."
After their throws of pleasure, they lie in one another’s arms. Sharing body heat and simply basking in one another’s presence. Their breathing now calmed, the light breeze and the sounds of nature all around them are the only things they can hear. Until her scarlet voice meets his auds and they flick towards her in interest. 

Have you love a man, Kynareth?

The inquiry doesn’t quite throw him off, but it surprises him enough for him to take his eyes off the scenery before him.

Do they love other men in same way?

He wonders where she’s leading with these questions, but he takes it upon himself not to answer until she says what she wants to say. Then it comes, the reason she asks these questions. A woman in Brecheliant has caught her interest. Though, it seems much more serious than that, especially when she mentions that her lovers husband has apparently risen from the dead and come back.

He understands and it brings back his own memories. Back when he still thrives in the Old Saints. Back before Sasha, his bitch of an ex-wife, had doomed them all to a fiery death. Back when he too had been in love with a man. Matias. The agouti Spaniard, much like him, roughened by many years of war, tall and bulky, handsome as the devil himself. Yet, Sasha had captivated his interest. Why? He would’ve chose him. Maybe if he did, the Saints would’ve never fallen. 

With his own deep breath, he sighs, willing his own memories away. Loving the same sex is only as complicated as one makes it, but he understands where she is confused. He’s not the best at this type of advice, for he is a fickle man when it comes to relationships and such like them. 

Eyes that twin the sun gaze back out over the strath. “I have.” He answers almost solemnly to her first question. Still do. He wants to say, but doesn’t. “Sometimes. It truly depends.” He answers her second with a bit of uncertainty.

He does have to agree with her that it isn’t as easy as living the opposite sex — or at least most of the time it is. Depending on upbringing, pack, the individual, everything. There’s so many variables. But if she finds her problem in the fact that she cannot have her own children with her, then the closest thing he could think of is to adopt.

“It is harder, I have to agree there.” A soft pause. “Have you two considered adopting? Or is that off the table?” He wonders softly, voice understanding.
teya listened. kynareth spoke not in his usual roughened charm, but with a softer voice. a more contemplative word. she frowned only once, but brows knit for the sake of having never explored this idea.
"she say she will give husband a chance." and there it was, a barbed wire around her tongue.
she turned, buried her nose into the thick fir of the grandmaster's chest, breathed deep. 
brecheliant beckoning, brecheliant and all the duties that had become hers to fulfill in the last months. she missed wraen, and bridget, and even little naive maia. 
teya was still.
"i am not mother." nor would she be. the raven did not have a maternal bone in her. slyly, she turned her thoughts to wondering if she might be appealing in years to come for that reason alone.
the girl nipped his ear softly. "i not want to leave. make me late again."
Kyn’s eyes widen slightly when he hears her say that her would be lover is going to give her husband another chance. Even after he left her? Guess sometimes it can’t be helped. 

She buries her face into the cream of his broad chest. His fur has shortened, thinned out, and shed with the oncoming summer. Leaving less fur and more muscle than anything. Yet, he encourages it with a large paw moving to rest on her shoulder, softly squeezing her closer to him. 

I am not mother.

He understands. At first he thought he could never be a father. He’s killed too many innocent pups. Yet, so has his father and he had three to four litters. He doesn’t think about it much, his siblings are dead, as well as his father. His own mind is taken off of it when she nips his ear teasingly.

He chuckles, a grin spreading across his maw. “Oh yeah? I have a few ideas.” He purrs down into her own auds. 

He rises slightly, a playful aura about him, the Grandmaster steps over her and instantly goes to attack her neck with playful nicks and kisses. A position that could do badly go the other way if Kynareth were just a bit more sick in the head. He is, but he’s much rather fuck her than kill her. It’s just how his minimalistic male brain works.
how was it that someone so powerful might offer her such tenderness? teya found herself by turns enraptured and enthralled as his gigantic muzzle came down upon her exposed throat.
a dangerous game, to be sure, but the violet was filled with the confidence of the young. she had pleased kynareth. why would he harm her? they found a mutual desire in one another; she did not care that he smelled of other wolves, of pups, of women.
for when they were together, he would only wear her perfume.
emboldened, she laughed aloud, a bell-like sound, and nipped playfully for his cheek, in the following second sending her tongue swiping up below his eye, rolling joyously between the thick pillars of his legs.
As he towers over her smaller form, Kynareth’s smile never dissipates. Rather, he releases a hearty chuckle from his lips, breath brushing over her throat where he nips. Her laugh rings through the air and his auds perk and swivel on his crown at the sound — it’s lovely. He tries harder for another. Especially when she nips his cheek and rasps a pink tongue just below his eye. 

The brindle wolfdog is just as enraptured and the flitting thought of Simmik rolls into his mind. Remembering their conversation about the raven pelted woman, Whrist. He’d fucked her while she was in heat — she’s pregnant. Something akin to guilt washes through him then. Simmik had grounded him for a lack of better words. He shouldn’t even be near a another woman right now. Especially fucking one while his wife watches over their two month old pups. 

He doesn’t let the guilt show, not one bit. Even with these thoughts rolling through his mind he allows his tongue and teeth to slither further down the sun kissed woman’s neck. Nipping at her chest, then soft underbelly. His own twin orbs flicking up promiscuously, before he quickly nuzzles at Teya’s ribs in an attempt at tickling her.

He pushes the thoughts away. He would confess his sins to his one and only goddess, but not today.
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teya had no such guilt. a man like kynareth: why, she had already suspected he might have a wife, perhaps more of them. he was his own island and his own presence. even as he made her laugh with the rush of breath over her ribcage, she felt she could smell the saints upon him, the nameless wolves that clung in scents to his fur.
she curved herself beneath him, reaching out to wrap her forelegs around his heavy shoulders and oull him to her, and up, to kiss his deviously purring face and to know he was true and existent.
much had shifted within her world.
she hoped that he would not, and tempted him with a flutter of tailtip along her thighs.
she could be as late as she wished to brecheliant.
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Kyn has many secrets, but his womanizing ways are not one. He simply cannot help himself. He would indulge in the beta as many times as she liked — whenever she liked. Such a scandal. A sweet woman like herself — a beta of another, much more peaceful pack, mingling with a tyrant like him. Oh, does he like to taint pretty things. She seems to be no different. 

So he wordlessly indulges her for the second time that evening. The pleasures of the flesh pull them into one another. He adds another secret to his never ending list. He presses against her, lost in the throes of passion. Another pretty thing tainted by his monstrous charm and she won’t be the last.