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Full Version: But you fuck so good
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Setting: Evening — 18:34
Weather: cloudy, slight breeze — 59F
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Santi and Serem has been traveling nonstop with one another, practically inseparable since they found one another. If he’s honest, Santi doesn’t ever want to be without her again. Finally, he has one of his mates back. So he goes to search farther west in the Teekon. They walk and walk until they reach a beautiful waterfall. He thinks they could use a break. 

So with a simple lick to Serem’s face he moves towards the water and begins drinking. Even daring to splash a bit in her direction with a grin on his face.
The waterfall is what they come across first and it was a beautiful sight. Santiago is the first to walk up and drink from its waters and she follows suit and does so as well. As she does so she feels the water splash upon her face and she chuckles as she looks up at her mate.
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The Empress traveled further out today.

Lotus was safe back in the Strath, once more under the trusted eyes of Arlette and her pups. Nyra felt slightly guilty for asking her adoptive sister to babysit for her while she re-integrated herself into her duties, but in her mind it also made the most sense. She trusted Arlette, and while she also trusted @Aerin, she knew the Seelie was getting close to her own due date and would probably appreciate being left to her own devices for the time being. The Battle Phoenix also trusted @Kynareth Deagon, her co-lead, but some part of her still didn't fully trust @Simmik
Logically there was little to no reason for Nyra to distrust Simmik with her daughter - the Archangels were slowly but surely coming along, and once the Empress eventually died, Lotus would surely be the heir to her throne. 
Still, the alphess felt a skitter of paranoia that if given the chance, Kynareth's wife might kill Lotus to assure there was no competition for the Saints throne that would inevitably fall to the Deagon brothers after Donovan himself died. 

All would show itself in due time, she supposed. 

Coming upon the Falls from next to the river that lead down to the Strath, Nyra saw the two figures from a handful of yards out. One, she recognized as the two-toned brute from the foggy forest - the same soldier upon whom she savagely bestowed a secondary asshole to shit himself from. 

And almost killed, though she didn't know that part for certain. All she did have solid was that she ripped this fucker up pretty damn bad. Beside him was a pitch black female she didn't know. What was otherwise apparent, however, was that she was outnumbered. Already walking towards them with her tail arced high above her spine, and an aura that radiated power, Nyra pulled her ears forward with a slight wrinkle of her upper lip.

The two appeared non-confrontational for now, and that alone was the reason currently, that she didn't turn off the Logic + Reason Switch and just wreak ape shittery from the get-go.

"Nice evening, is it not?" She mused casually, almost boredly. Nyra made no effort to conceal her approach, but saying something seemed better than silently glaring at them
Santi smirks back to Serem after he splashes her with water, but his attention isn’t on her for long. He hears a twig or two break under a heavy weight, which causes his ears to shift. Then he hears a voice, a very familiar voice that cause his head to turn. What meets his eyes is karma at its finest. The same white witch that bestowed these wounds on him. 

He has to admit, she was pregnant and she whooped his ass into the next century. He has to commend her for her strength and prowess. No telling how much training she has under her belt. His wounds are no ones fault but his own, he wasn’t strong enough and that’s his mistake.

So he smirks for a whole other reason. “It is.” He replies back to her as he stands to face her. “Have to admit, never thought I’d be seeing you again.” His voice has airy amount of comfortable humor in it. “You’re strong, it was impressive.” 
The wolf and her mate seemed to know each other and she watches her cautiously. From the conversation it seemed that this may have been the wolf to inflict his wounds Linda but it seemed there was no ill will towards them so the woman stayed quiet for now as they conversed.
The turn this took was less than expected.
The old man seemed...not pleased, but not exactly pissed. Understanding, maybe? 
The black female seemed more cautious, but for now wasn't an issue.

As the black-white spoke, Nyra waved her tail once as it sat above her spine. He seemed genuine...
"I didn't anticipate seeing you again either. My strength is hard earned, as is every warrior's. You're not half bad yourself, by the way." She quirked the briefest bit of a grin. Genuine as she was, it was still best to tread with caution. There was no guarantee any of the Saints were out this far, so if this turned ugly, she'd likely be on her own.
Santi listens to her, ruined ears swiveling atop his scarred crown. “You did a number on me.” He hums. “Gave me some nice scars, amiga.” He chuckles darkly, though there’s still some mirth in his steely eyes.

“Say,” He begins inquisitively. “your pack. Need some members? My mate and I need a place to rest up.” He gestures to Serem beside him. “We’ve been searching and walking for too damn long. Need a nice meal and a place to sleep.” He says, accept slurring most of his words with how thick it is.
What he said next had confirmed the dark queens assumptions but she didn’t interrupt as she listened on to the two speak. Only once they are done she introduces her name.
Nyra listens to Santiago speak, inquisitive of if she'd allow him and his mate to join her ranks. 
Golden eyes sharpening with suspicion, the Empress is silent for a time as she thinks it over.

"The Saints of the Dying Light are quickly getting full, body-wise. However, I am pulling together a sister pack to them, the Archangels. Our claim will be the Copse that hugs these Falls." Nyra gestured with her muzzle westward, the forest that so starkly stood out next to the river. 
"You both are welcome to join the Archangels. There are currently two others helping solidify our claim. Hemlocke - he is black with red eyes, usually only active at night due to light sensitivity. And Blair, heavy foreign accent but different than yours. Once my daughter is old enough to travel, she, myself and her father will join everyone in the Copse."
Her plan sounds easy enough and he even has to raise his brows at the announcement of another pack so big that they must split.


Yes. That is what he desires. So he chuckles softly and offers a soft nod of a dark head. “Mm, impressive, cariña.” He offers. “We will join if you will have us then.” The reaper concludes with excitement dancing in his steely white eyes.
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Nyra nodded once in confirmation. Yes, she would allow them entrance. 
"Please help solidify the claim here until me, my child, and her father join us." She requested. It was more of an order, but where they had just asked to be welcomed in, she wouldn't hold her authority in iron just yet.
Serem looked over at her mate and then the girl and gave a solid nod in agreement and waited to see if he had more to say.