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Full Version: or too unlucky
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colt briggs wasted no time in setting a perimeter for camp. he was not fully healed; he limped and his body ached in all the deep places. but this pain was secondary to the determination of his heart.
"whatchu think, @Lonesome Dove?" colt grunted, staring out at the snow. he was submerged to his neck in one of the steaming pools, and exhaled with pleasure. "should we stay a bit or do yew figure we should press on?"
The dark had turned her from a shaking, anxious creature, to something else. It constantly chanted in the back of her mind.

small places, small lives, small gods

It seared against her synapses like molten glass, solidifying as it went.

small places, small lives, small gods

Thunder in her head.

small places, small lives, small gods

The rattlesnake pushed a paw over her head, grimacing, before the sound of speaking made her turn. She’d been sitting, poised, beside the lip of one of the hot springs, enjoying the heat but unwilling to step foot in them just yet. Electric blue stared at Colt for a moment, before they turned to the outside with a distinct “what the fuck” eyebrow, which she kept as she slowly looked back to Colt.

I will not walk through that. Blunt, straightforward, oddly hoarse and raspy. Everything she had never been but now was.
seemed to colt that little lonesome wasn't quite the same after their snowy flight.
course, he knew what that was like. hell, he wasn't more than half sane himself these days. his yellowed teeth bared in a sharp grin. "not so bad," colt grunted, adjusting himself and wondering what beat behind their doctor's skull these days.
"good fer the bones, yew know."
She stared.


Her lip gave a little lift, a half sneer of defiance, before the coywolf shuffled in place.

Good for becoming bones. Her eyes leapt between Colt and the howling storm.

Something you seem to really like to try and do, but not me. I quite like my bones being in liquid and meat.
summat was wrong with her, their doc.
colt briggs knew better than to question her. he only slipped deeper into his hot pool and laughed. "yew got mighty beat up, lonesome. the water might do yew well."
his red eyes watched her carefully.