Bracken Sanctuary Pack Summary


— Threads in this forum may be marked private so long as they contain only Elysium members. Non-members may only participate in all welcome threads.

— Hushed Willows has only a single accessible entry point. Its walls are nearly vertical and too steep to travel, and the border of Hushed Willows and Felltree Marsh is a nasty bog.

— Elysium enforces an open border policy (although this does not mean that the borders are not patrolled). Hostile trespassers must sustain one serious injury, and repeat offenders must sustain at least three.


10/08/18 · There are two lonely open threads located here and here.

10/02/18 · Brilliance and Solomon have gone missing.

09/16/18 · Lily has left to scout out a new territory for Bracken Sanctuary.

08/25/18 · Holy &*%!, there are so many cats.





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