Swiftcurrent Creek Pack Summary
Swiftcurrent Creek News
June 1st — Wylla has delivered an alien a single pup. Welcome, Tiercel! Please excuse your head dent.
May 25th — A bear has attacked and presumably killed Ingram (so sorry boo, better luck next time). Durnehviir and Constantine have called a pack meeting here.
April 28th — Durnehviir gives birth to four puppies! Welcome Viinturuth, Akavir, Akatosh and Talos (to whom her parents beg forgiveness as they had mistaken her for a boy initially).

Swiftcurrent Creek is protective of their territory and family. Trespassers should note that they can be met with aggression, and must sustain at least one serious injury if attacked.
16 Members
Founded on April 14, 2018
Managed by Constantine, Soltero
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