Lost Creek Hollow Pack Summary
"Tucked away in the farther reaches of Rising Sun Valley lies Lost Creek Hollow. Overture Downs opens the doorway into this shrouded wood where the trees tower above the ground like pillars in the hall of a cathedral. The trees create a canopy over much of the territory so that the atmosphere within is cool and shaded with a peace and tranquility few other territories can offer its inhabitants. Winding through the Hollow is a series of small creeks that accumulate in some areas to form wider streams and pools. The greatest of these is Antares Falls located at the Hollow's Westernmost edge just before the forest opens up into a wide valley between the mountains. Here, all of the waterways collide and flow down into the vale over a series of natural steps. The pools that form on these rocky formations are deeper than those that flow throughout the Hollow and thus bustle with salmon during their annual migration to and from the sea."

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