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Welcome to Rusalka. Challenges are live! Members, check our MO forum for updates & content. Intruders are encouraged, but must adhere to WOLF’s guidelines on trespassers in event of IC conflict.


        The Grotto - a dark, subterranean expanse of tunnels with the all the atmospheric appeal of a defunct mausoleum. Housed at the mouth of the shore, the Grotto is marked by a massive stone-arch entrance and is a major den hub & cache site.
        Blackpine - Nestled between giant sequoias, Blackpine is named for the black-boughed conifers that punctuate the mossy wood floor, trailing in ramshackle configuration throughout Monolith Forest. Blackpine serves as a major hunting ground for Rusalkan wolves.
        The Strand - Accessible only by trespassing, Ankyra’s secluded beach is bordered by impassable cliffs and is home to one of the few bioluminescent bays in the Teekon. The Strand is variegated in topography: featuring dunes, salt-ridden tussocks, tidal flats, and long, exposed breaches of shore when the tide is low.


3/9/19 -A FOURTH CHALLENGER APPEARS!!! Firefly has challenged Caiaphas for Alpha rank!!
2/10/19 -A THIRD CHALLENGER APPEARS! Firefly has challenged Vaati for Gamma!
1/27/19 - A SECOND CHALLENGER APPEARS! Vaati has challenged Svalinn for Gamma rank!
1/17/19 - OUR FIRST CHALLENGER APPEARS! Illidan has challenged for Beta.
1/15/19 - HI FAM. packtivity here - try not to die. IF U DIE U GET BANISHED TO SHADOW REALM (thx laur). also we have tons of new faces, welcome everyone!

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