Diaspora Pack Summary
The Diaspora are seasonally nomadic wolves, both hardy and reclusive by nature, occupying a single area at any given time. They have a territorial range that encompasses the entire Sunspire Mountains region, and ambitiously endeavor to control its resources for their own.

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“Sunk into the surrounding rockery and spilling into Rising Sun Valley below, Arrow Lake is a sight to behold from any of the many outcroppings above. It is notoriously difficult, however, to find safe passage down to the lakeshore, as the towpaths are hidden and, when discovered, they prove to be quite treacherous. Approaching the bottom half is much easier. Like with many features of the wilds, those who rise to the challenge find a reward awaiting them: the lake is particularly fresh and chock full of fresh fish, both above and below the falls. Its sandy shorelines are the perfect place to rest and relax to the tune of the gently-lapping freshwater tide.”


5/2 — Happy May, everyone! Welcome to Sadiq, our newest Geist, and congratulations to Takiyok, who continues her reign as Pionier. It's also about that time to start interacting with DA's pups as they enter their socialization stage this month - so get 'em while they're still young!

5/10 — Another one! Here's our (slightly early) welcome to DA's newest duckling, Praimfaya <3

5/18 — Small rank shuffle & and a pack hunt happening here!
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