The Melonii Pack Summary


31/03/19 - In a failed attempt to claim Blackfeather Woods, the pack has been forced to settle down in Phantom Hollow for Nyx's whelping! Talk about a dramatic entrance!
03/03/19 - Nyx has discovered she is pregnant with Damien's pups!
07/02/19 - We are alive!



Tenet 1 - Never dishonor the memory of Meldresi.
Tenet 2 - Never betray the family or its secrets.
Tenet 3 - Never disobey or refuse to carry out an order from a superior.
Tenet 4 - Never steal from the family.
Tenet 5 - Never kill a member of the Melonii bloodline.

To disobey any of the above is punishable by death


Threads that do not involve a member of The Melonii cannot be marked private. All joiners should use the "joining" icon when making their recruitment thread. Trespassers must sustain at least 1 serious injury when attacked, the severity of which can be discussed.


The above rules will not be enforced for as long as The Melonii Clan does not occupy the territory. GO WILD OUT THERE BOI
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Founded on February 07, 2019
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