Blackfeather Woods Pack Summary

". . .a dark, foreboding fortress made of gnarled trees with a thick and dark canopy. The forest is shrouded underneath the canopy, and little light filters in through the leaves, adding to the forest's already gloomy appearance. Crows and ravens inhabit the treetops, fighting a never-ending war, while the lupine inhabitants of the forest stride with confidence in the darkness."

Trespassers beware— The border is carefully guarded and patrolled. Those who do trespass are subject to injury; enter at your own risk. Repeat offenders will face more serious consequences. For more information, please see WOLF's Trespassing Guidelines.

Only members are allowed to post and participate in private threads.

Oct. 8 — The BWP has claimed its second victim in Blackfeather Woods: RIP to Anansi, gone much too soon. </3

Sept. 30Earthquake chaos has come to Blackfeather Woods. Feel free to note aftershocks and other related effects in the coming days.

Sept. 27 — A small rank shift has occurred as we welcome Moonshadow into the Cryptid position.

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