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        Welcome to the old, crusty, OG Redhawks pack!
        Due to its position between the steep slopes of Heron Lake Plateau and Nimbus Summit, Golden Glade is only accessible from the west and east sides.
        FH is an active, well-guarded pack. Evidence of their claim will be very clear in and around their territory. Trespass at your own risk! (Refer to Wolf's trespassing guidelines.)

        We are allied with: ASTERISM GROVE and FIREBIRDS.
        We are enemies with: BLACKFEATHER WOODS.

        Threads may not be marked private in this forum unless they include a member of FH.

        If you wish to join FH, please use the joining post icon on your thread!
16 Members
Founded on October 11, 2014
Managed by Liffey, Quixote, Rannoch, Raven
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