Asterism Grove Pack Summary
West of the Bonesplinter Ravine and east of Black Morass lies a surprising paradise; Hideaway Strath. A small valley divided by a river and partially sheltered by forest, the territory is akin to an oasis in the difficult terrain that makes up the Hinterlands. However, as much as it protects and provides for its inhabitants, the strath can easily become a prison. Except for a narrow entry to the north, the valley is blocked by mountains and unforgiving earth on all sides.

Joining Process
Please start a thread using the joining post icon. Remember, there's only one way into Hideaway Strath (a narrow entryway to the north).

Trespassing Policy
Trespassers get one verbal warning to leave immediately, and if they refuse, they will be attacked. If your character is attacked, they must sustain an injury beyond scrapes and bruises.

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Founded on July 07, 2019
Managed by Phox, Towhee
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