Nightwalkers Pack Summary

Nightwalker in you awaken, then return to where you belong. Return to me, and the streets will run red with blood .❞ ― Keith Kekic, Chloe of the Night

Among all the packs who treat one another like family, is a group of vagabond criminals. A hostile group of mercenaries who call the misty forest their domain. No job is too small, too big, or too cruel for these immoral beasts. They follow their own code of conduct and leave behind them a trail of destruction in their wake. Their borders are heavily scented and patrolled, trespassing will result in a hostile greeting by anyone who isn't an ally to the pack.


Non-members may not have a private thread within this board - all threads involving non-Nightwalkers will be open for minimum one Nightwalker to join, and that member has the rights to call for back up should they think the need arise.

Intruders are welcome and encouraged; you must adhere to WOLF’s guidelines on trespassers in event of IC conflict. You must sustain at least one injury for trespassing.

To join, please use the joining icon and tag the current Warlord and or General in order to get their attention!

Rank challenges are encouraged among members once they are Soldiers or at a higher rank!

— Anyone who wants to become a captive, please let the current Warlord know. We will only be accepting a maximum of 2 captives at a time - but should the pack get full, we will not be accepting any captives to make sure we have space for regular members.

13/01/2020 Uh oh! Hela has defeated Vengeance and claimed the Warlord rank. </3 Serem has been made General, though is soon challenged by Tzila. We say goodbye to Black Hat.

22/12/2019 Give a warm welcome to Chip and Abeja as our newest members!

09/12/2019 It looks like we have a new captive! Go welcome Jakoul in the pit!

3/12/2019 Oh look a puppy challenge!! Hela is now our new Alpha Pup!






The blacklist is individuals (not pack) who are considered enemies of the Nightwalkers. Blacklisters are to be killed on sight.

Merrick, Astara, Caiaphas
19 Members
Founded on September 17, 2019
Managed by Hela, Serem
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