Nightwalkers Pack Summary
Among all the packs who treat one another like family, is a group of vagabond criminals. A hostile group of mercenaries who call the misty forest their domain. No job is too small, too big, or too cruel for these immoral beasts. They follow their own code of conduct and leave behind them a trail of destruction in their wake. Their borders are heavily scented and patrolled, trespassing will result in a hostile greeting by anyone who isn't an ally to the pack.


— Non-members may not have a private thread within this board - all threads involving non-Nightwalkers will be open for minimum one Nightwalker to join, and that member has the rights to call for back up should they think the need arise.

— Intruders are welcome and encouraged; however, Nightwalkers are a hostile bunch. You must adhere to WOLF’s guidelines on trespassers in event of IC conflict as well as the roll bonuses in favor of members for being on Nightwalker territory. You must sustain one injury for trespassing.

— To join, please ensure that the appropriate icon is used and feel free to tag the current Warlord and or General in order to get their attention!

17/10/2019 Congratulations Serem for becoming Vengeance's Consort!

13/10/2019 Revui (caught by Alison) and Orochi (caught by Valour and Hela) are our newest Captives! What will be of their fates?

09/10/2019 Uh oh, that soot?! It's raining ash in the Haunted Woods until further notice!

06/10/2019 Congratulations to Vanity for making it to Lieutenant!!

23/09/2019 Serem has called a Pack Hunt!



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Founded on September 17, 2019
Managed by Alison, Vengeance
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