Roangeda Pack Summary

To join Roangeda please start a thread with the joining post icon & tag leadership for visibility!

Please only mark threads private in this forum if you are a Roangeda member or for non-members the thread includes a pack member. Otherwise, it's fair game!

Roangeda is a territorial pack with several warriors. Their borders are closely and heavily guarded and they will likely react hostile towards trespassers. As such, we follow Wolf's trespassing guidelines. Any trespasser must sustain at least one serious injury or be captured by Roangeda ( we can pre-determine this OOCly if you'd prefer ). For those willing to participate in 'hardcore mode' a 1d15 will be rolled by a pack manager.

11/2 — we added ppc & breeding guidelines ( as well as a request thread for trades, etc. ). please be sure to give them a read over when you have time! :D

11/10 — did a small rank shuffle. congrats to everyone for being promoted! c: in sadder news, a belated Rest In Peace to ingram. he'll be missed! <3
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Founded on October 29, 2019
Managed by Dacio, Praimfaya
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