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Welcome to Rusalka. Challenges are live! Members, check our MO forum for updates & content. Intruders are encouraged, but must adhere to WOLF’s guidelines on trespassers in event of IC conflict.


to be discovered IC!
header images by Maegi & Illidan <3


10/3/19 - Due to The Grotto flooding and the coastal tsunamis, Rusalka has temporarily relocated to Blacktail Deer Plateau!

8/28/19 - What's happening?! We say farewell to Kaertok, and welcome back Reyes!

7/12/19 - Intruder alert! In other news, goodbye to Vercingetorix and Vengeance! <3

7/6/19 - A challenger approaches! Or... six or something.

7/5/19 - Come play with some baby sea turtles, hatching on the Strand and headed for the ocean!

7/2/19 Vercingetorix has challenged Illidan for Alpha!

6/17/19 - Oh no bby what is u doing? In other news, we have several new faces - big welcomes all around for: Vengeance, Derg, Keen, Dalia, Velen, Cadeau, Fletcher, and Amora!

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