Whitebark Stream Pack Summary

         - Whitebark Stream is a nomadic pack that encourages comradery between members, with a focus on hunting and family.

         - To join, mark your post with the joining tag and tag leadership! You are welcome to post as a member of the pack as soon as you've been titled.

         - Trespassers will be chased from the borders immediately. Those who react aggressively need to receive a minimum of one major injury

Welcome to Whitebark Stream!
This winding stream boasts cold, clear water and a stony bottom. It is densely populated by trout and crayfish, which can be found under almost every rock. In most places the stream has a moderate current, but there are a few narrow stretches that churn into rapids. The shores are shrouded by white-barked aspens and birch, giving the stream its name. It is these trees that attract beavers to one of the quieter stretches of the stream.

- 24th May - Welcome to all our new members: Meadow, Germanicus, Satya and welcome back to Daylily!

- 19th May - A sad goodbye to Kavik and Grezig.

16 Members
Founded on January 23, 2020
Managed by Artyom
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