Reneian Empire Pack Summary
Any wolf caught trespassing will be requested to leave, refusal to do so will result in aggression and the trespasser must acquire one major wound from the aggressor. If you would like to join our ranks, please use the joining icon and tag one of our current leaders to get our attention!
Under Reiko's reign, the Empire will be neutral good

This year, July isn't lucky for any signs
July is not a good month for those who joined under the Aries sign. Tensions and conflicts may arise! For Leos, stress might get the best of you. Try to find a way to unwind in a healthy way! For Scorpio-joined, issues regarding communication may frustrate you and even provoke you to act rashly, which can often lead to tears. Aquarius, you’ll likely have some serious relationship issues.
Reneian Empire is full! For any who would like to join, we suggest you take a look at our sister pack, KAISTLEOKI, and join them! Should you still desire to join RE when a spot opens up, you will be more than welcome to move over!
29/06/2020 A delayed welcome to Cordelia, Celara, Tzenno and Teya! Very sorry for that delay!!

29/06/2020 Peasants who were not demoted by Takeshi recently have been promoted to Commoner! We also sadly say goodbye to Awenfen.

14/06/2020 Queen Ibis has given birth! Please welcome Lilitu and Arielle!!

05/06/2020 Look! A wild Viinturuth has joined the Empire! The ranks have also been shuffled so congratulations to Awenfen for becoming our new Viscountess and Collision for becoming Count!
KAISTLEOKI - sister pack
SEELIE COURT - pending

DRACONID METEOR SHOWER! as the sun sets meteors can be seen shooting across the sky. It will peak just before nightfall and eventually fade throughout the night! example here October 9th
19 Members
Founded on March 28, 2020
Managed by Ibis, Reiko, Takeshi
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