Reneian Empire Pack Summary
Nestled in a cleft between vast peaks lies a tiny sliver of paradise rife with a rich variety of trees and dotted with small, evenly-spaced lakes. A creek runs through the middle like a giant, winding vein, the pure water the lifeblood of this misty vale. Walled in on every side by mountaintops, this space feels less like a fishbowl and more like a peaceful safe haven. Many beasts call this place home and most rarely if ever have to leave the shadowy glen. The wolves are friendly, welcoming, and always willing to help someone in need. The Empire is a place of new beginning, to leave your past behind you and find a new start to your life. Under Reiko's reign, the Empire will be neutral good.
Any wolf caught trespassing will be requested to leave, refusal to do so will result in aggression and the trespasser must acquire one major wound from the aggressor. If you would like to join our ranks, please use the joining icon and tag one of our current leaders to get our attention!

This year, May isn't lucky for any signs
This year, May isn't unlucky for any signs

026/05/2020 A warm welcome to Clay!

026/05/2020 It's been a love filled week! Akavir and Ibis have officially tied the knot, and so did Yuudai and Hiromi!

012/05/2020 Please give a warm welcome to Saarthal! Ranks have also been shuffled to fill empty spots! Congradulations to Tobias, Takeshi, and Awenfen for your new ranks!

26/04/2020 It's official! Collision has decided to stay!
KAISTLEOKI - sister pack
SEELIE COURT - pending

COMET! on the night of May 23rd, Comet Atlas will be visible from the vale and be the second brightest object in the sky besides the moon. This comet is believed to be a harbinger of good news as it is coming exactly 1 week before the first RE puppies are born!
18 Members
Founded on March 28, 2020
Managed by Ibis, Reiko, Takeshi
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