Natigvik Pack Summary

Qeya River
Always frigid and cold, this river is not the friendliest for swimming. If hypothermia doesn’t set in, it’s very easy to become trapped beneath one of the frozen blocks of ice floating down the stream. Unfortunately, this is one of the few sources of water scattered about the north, making this river a dangerous, yet popular location for anyone looking to quench their thirst. Careful! The rocks are slippery and there’s no telling whether that patch of snow is over land or thin ice.

Territory description written by Iqniq

Natigvik is a small familial pack. They are willing to work with outsiders provided a deal is struck, but otherwise are territorial of their claim. The family follows the traditions of the northern Tartok wolves. The leadership is matriarchal by design, with Sakhmet as the reigning Issumatar and her husband Kigipigak as her stalwart defender.

Current Events:
Members of Natigvik have made a journey to Moonglow for a visit! They arrived on June 18th and will be spending most of July at Ouroboros Spine; they should be returning by July 30th or near the beginning of August!

Please tag members liberally if you need the attention of Natigvik members or leadership! Feel free to visit and reference the absence of Natigvik, or the weakening of scents, etc.
Atautsikut: Allies
Moonglow: Allies
Sapphique: Friendly
6 Members
Founded on May 19, 2022
Managed by Kigipigak, Sakhmet
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June 07, 2022, 01:19 PM
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