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Wolf RPG - Profile of Shreya

Profile of Shreya: Quick Facts

Art by Lycaon
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Basic Info
Full Name: Shreya Carrow-Finch
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 8 (11 January 2008)
Birthplace: Oak Streams, Colombia River
At A Glance
Please note: Shreya isn't currently played! To contact me, please PM Lucani.
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Profile of Shreya: Details
Long but not tall, thin but not emaciated, Shreya is an old wolf in average health. She sports dishevelled fur of grey and silver, and blue-brown eyes like a flooded marsh. Her right hip creaks when she walks and her esses whistle when she talks.
An old dog who can't be taught new tricks, Shreya is wise and insightful but carelessly honest and embarrassing. The purpose of her golden seasons is to pass on all her worldly knowledge.
Born an Alpha Pup of Oak Streams, Shreya quickly out-dominated her older sister and succeeded her parents as Alpha. She picked the pack's only blue-eyed boy as her mate, and with him raised two sons: one angel (Cato) and one ruffian (Adric). When the time came, the boys were sent away to seek their fortunes. Shreya had a very long, peaceful reign at Oak Streams, and eventually retired and settled far away at Phoenix Maplewood, where she met her grandson Reek. When Reek left his co-Alpha and various calamities hit Phoenix Maplewood, Shreya joined the pack in their relocation to a new territory called Silver Creek.
Pack History
Mate: Jaervo
Children: Adric Cato
Grandchildren: Reek
Great grandchildren: Indra Milo Laurel
11 Jan '08 鈥 17 Oct '15: Oak Streams
17 October '15 鈥 21 Feb '16: Lone Wolf
21 Feb '16 鈥 01 May '16: Phoenix Maplewood
01 May '16 鈥 present: Silver Creek
Profile of Shreya: Additional Information
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