Profile of Deku: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Megumi "Deku" Bōshi
Subspecies: Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 1 (04-19-2019)
Birthplace: Shadewood Keep
At A Glance
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Profile of Deku: Details

A lean, thick-furred young man with a warmth and kindness that seems to emanate from every inch of his frame. Primarily a soft white with the only markings that stray being the soot black stockings on his feet, ink splashed over each of his eyes, and the backs of his ears. Deku has eyes the color of starlight - glimmering and silver. He is tall and narrow with long, thick fur that gives him an almost feminine look.
Deku has a garden growing in his heart; it is filled to the brim with stunning colors and the sweetest aroma. He is softer than his brother – not nearly as quick to fire off. If Orochi is the devastating eruption of a volcano, then Deku is the cool touch of water against the molten earth. Soft, but not lacking in any sense of the word. There is an indomitable force that exists inside of the boy. The determination that has made a home in his youthful frame has more to it than all of the dormant muscle that exists beneath his dual-colored cloak.

Deku is curious and quick with his mind. He studies to learn instead of to overcome. Though he seeks to understand the workings of the world, the boy has found that his mind was filled with visions of fantasy and stories from some unknown source. He will thrive when creating his own tales and sharing in the stories of others. Deku has a deep love and admiration for the stars and the endless stretch of deepening black that is the night sky. This will be a place where his stories originate from as he ages.

The Starchaser - Defender of the Moon - Tale-Weaver
Pack History
MOTHER: Minori
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Profile of Deku: Additional Information
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