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Full Name: Bluebird <q>Blue</q> Takanami
Subspecies: Multiple
Sex: Female
Age: 1 ()
Birthplace: Snow Forest
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Bluebird was named for her eyes as a child, which once, were the brightest of blues. All that remains of that blue hugs her iris, though surrounding it is a brilliant chartreuse, the chartreuse her mother and her late grandmother share. Bluebird is silver, with the exception of many black hairs dusting the canvas of her fur. She is also quite petite, though is only slightly smaller than the average female wolf ought to be.
Softspoken, genuine, sweet, compassionate, gentle, anxious, rambunctious
Bluebird was the youngest of four, and the only daughter beside three boys. She was often overshadowed, but no less loved. When she turns a year, it is then she decides to strike her own path, no longer content with idling behind her brothers, love her though they may.
Siskin <small>x</small> Killian<br><br>
Raven, Cygnus, West, <i>Bluebird</i>
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