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Basic Info
Full Name: Liyaní "Signe" Ostrega
Subspecies: Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf x Eastern Timber Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 0 (September 14, 2014)
Birthplace: Stavanger Bay, Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
A tiny, jet-black puppy with ears and paws that are entirely too big for the rest of her body.
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She is a small girl and certainly the runt of her litter. Her fur is pitch black in color save for the toes of her front paws which appear as though they were dipped in white. Her eyes remain milky blue, but some golden speckles have begun to peek through.
A quiet girl who prefers to listen rather than speak and an avid daydreamer. She prefers using her body language to communicate with others, though she is capable of talking whenever she feels the need to. She is fascinated by the world around her and has a tendency to wander in her explorations.
Born in a litter of four to Verrine and Julooke Ostrega in Stavanger Bay. Her parents and one of her brothers, Kevlyn, either perished or disappeared when she about a month old. At roughly six weeks of age, she wandered too far from Stavanger Bay and injured her paw near Tokota River. She was rescued by Kierkegaard who renamed her <i>Signe</i> and claimed her as his own.
Pack History
The daughter of <a href="">Verrine Ostrega</a> and <a href="">Julooke Imperii-d'Erom</a>. She has three brothers: <a href="">Charon Ostrega</a>, <a href="">Kevlyn Ostrega</a>, and <a href="">Levi Ostrega</a>. Her adoptive father/caretaker is <a href="">Kierkegaard DeMonte-Sairensu</a>.
<b><font color="#A26835">S</font><font color="#966A3D">T</font><font color="#8A6C46">A</font><font color="#7F6E4F">V</font><font color="#737058">A</font><font color="#687261">N</font><font color="#5C746A">G</font><font color="#517672">E</font><font color="#45787B">R</font><font color="#3A7A84"> </font><font color="#2E7C8D">B</font><font color="#237E96">A</font><font color="#17809F">Y:</font></b> Puppy (09/14/14 — present)
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