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Full Name: Kierkegaard DeMonte-Sairensu
Subspecies: Great Plains, Hudson Bay and Northwestern wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 7 (10-30-2010)
Birthplace: Dead Tree, British Columbia
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Profile of Kierkegaard: Details
Kierkegaard is a ragged ghost. His fur is unevenly cut and stands in tall, jagged tufts along his neck and shoulders, offering him a savage and feral appearance. The brute is tall, with stretching, limber limbs that seem to be designed for days of travel. Notched fur shrouds his legs and shoulders from numerous scuffles and mishaps along his wayward treks. The brute has a stretching, serpentine figure; the length of his frame gives him a larger appearance, though he is far from bulky in stature. While his chest is boxy and his shoulders are thick and broad, the stretch of his figure shows a sign of age and years of extensive travel. His haggard form has taken the toll of numerous terrains and it shows in the strange cutting of his muscles. The coloration of the man is something ghostly to behold; his limbs and skull are painted in a pale ash which fades into darker markings along his shoulders and back. Charcoal and soot paint the mid-section of his frame, fading even to an inky black throughout his saddle. Kierkegaard is a spectral vision of a beast; the brightest light can be found in the deep smolder of his golden-orange vision. The brute's eyes are always alight with a strange savagery and a wickedness comparable to none.

Human Reference: Hugh Jackman as Logan
As his figure would suggest, Kierkegaard is something of a ghost. He has lived his years traveling abroad with little companionship, which allows for him to seem reclusive and distant of social connections. His mind is built to survive by any means necessary. However, his gruff demeanor and vicious tendencies have placed him in many positions that have damaged him physically and mentally. While he prefers the solitude of a vagabond, he has found himself with ties to many packs and fellow wanderers. The ghost is a mercenary without much cause of his own, save for keeping his body upright and his mind sharp. The distance that he forces into social interactions has made him into a gristly and haggard brute with a short vocabulary and a penchant for escaping social interactions with those he has no ties to. Kierkegaard has very little means of communicating through formalities, and has never been viewed as a pleasant creature. He is enduring, though, and his quiet baritone suggests he has found himself in the mix of many terrible truths in life. It cannot be doubted that the pallid specter is anything more than a creature contrived of the harshest environments. He is feral, perhaps to a fault, and has openly denied the company of others. However, he will always keep the vision of his sole sibling as a beacon in difficult times. His travels have found him at her side for years, and he has never spoken ill of the female who shares his blood.

Born in Dead Tree, British Columbia to Simha and Isolde DeMonte-Sairensu, Kierkegaard was the eldest of two. His only sibling - Moselotte - became all the family that he has known. Their birthing was a private affair, witnessed only by Simha and Isolde. When the pups were old enough to fend for themselves, their parents disappeared. Kierkegaard has led a nomadic mercenary lifestyle alongside his sister. She is the only ally that he has ever considered, though he has taken on the role of warrior and soldier in a vast array of environments. His services have always been available to those around him, though he rarely will keep himself in a position of submission. His nature suggests that he take a position of power if forced to interact with others. In his past, he has behaved impulsively and brashly. In the Teekon Wilds alone, he has stolen a young pup from her home, raising her as his own child. He has usurped an Alpha from their position of leadership within a quiet forest pack, and abandoned the very same position upon finding the wolves there inadequate and unlike himself.
Simha Demonte-Sairensu
Isolde Vartaj Demonte-Sairensu
Moselotte Demonte-Sairensu
Kierkegaard has fathered a small handful of pups through his travels but does not maintain relations with any of them.
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