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Basic Info
Full Name: Justice Romula DiSarinno Dubois
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf, Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf, Coyote
Sex: Female
Age: 2 (22 February 2012)
Birthplace: Sedona, Arizona
At A Glance
Justice is a small wolf with a coat of gold. Most notably, she has a smudge of red across her nose, a characteristic inherited from her father. Justice has bright gold eyes that radiate happiness.
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Profile of Justice: Details
Justice is a small though beautiful wolf, with delicate features and a slender frame. Her spun-gold fur often hides this, especially during the winter, and very few have seen her in a compromising light. Her eyes are a bright amber color, often compared to warm liquid honey. She sports a red smudge across the bridge of her nose, a characteristic given to her by her father, Kriek Dubois.
Justice believes in honor, justice, and rightful living. She is the epitome of good manners and respectful obedience. She is chaste and does not take kindly to untoward advances. <br><br> Will be developed further IC.
Justice grew up in a family pack, one that believed in family honor above all else. At her year mark, she left and went in search of her family in Seahawk Valley, but only remained for a few weeks. Before she could make her way home, she lived with a pack for a few months that believed in the gods and spoke a strange tongue, some of which she picked up. Living with the Khalas Pack taught her many things about the world and herself, and now she is out in search of adventure and longs to bring justice to the world. Justice is currently traveling with a Khalas male named <a href="">Kadezj</a>.
<b>Mother:</b> Shila Jhyla-Phase DiSarinno <br/>
<b>Father:</b> Kriek <br/>
<b>Older Siblings:</b> Scylla, Charybdis, Sinistra Tobin <br/>
<b>Littermates:</b> Temperance (m), Prudence (f), Hope (f), Courage (m)

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