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Basic Info
Full Name: Sen "Cobubra" Gorgon
Subspecies: British Columbia wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (February 6th, 2013)
Birthplace: Canadian Rockies, British Columbia, Canada
At A Glance
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Profile of Sen: Details
Human Counterpart: Medusa Gorgon from Soul Eater — Voice: Reference

The regal sort, her features being as feminine as a doe and her movements just as graceful. Her body is slender, managed well and absent of any and all scarring. While of average height, she appears to be taller on account of her long legs; an illusion easily refuted upon closer inspection. She exhibits an obsidian coat, the absence of light disrupted by the small splotch of white upon her breast and the amber of her eyes.

Build: Lithe • Slender • Leggy
Height: 30" (76cm) — Weight: 88 lbs (40kg) — Body Type: Mesomorph
Argumentative • Arrogant • Boorish • Candid • Caustic • Clever • Coarse • Cold-Hearted
Crafty • Easily Angered • Harsh • Haughty • Logical
Manipulative • Sinister • Stubborn

ESTJ; The ExecutiveNeutral EvilThe Challenger

She's a Class A ass, there's no other way to say it.

Lust, WrathTemperance, Diligence
Temperament: CholericIntelligence: Logical
- Born to two lone wolves, Dracoon Silt and Violette Gorgon
- Father was absent often, mother died in a landslide not long before Sen's first birthday
- Father departed right after, knowledge of his secret lover and their children was acquired
- Departed from her home shortly after her mother's death, Khoi followed her example and left for his own journey not long after; Zita remained to watch over their mother's grave
- Traveled for a long while as a loner, eventually entered the Teekon Wilds and decided to hang around
- Joined Duskfire Glacier, often kept to herself or remained outside the territory
- Duskfire disbanded and she departed from Teekon, choosing the life of a loner over one under the rule of an ex-pack mate
- Continued with her travels for a short while before encountering Cethin, an attractive male who possessed a mind that was similar to her own; they hit it off immediately and formed a courtship
- The duo decided to settle into a lively canyon, manipulating loners into serving under their rule; Serpent Keep was founded
- With time, they realized they wanted different things from one another and ended their courtship, parting on neutral terms; Sen left the pack while Cethin remained as a lone tyrant
- Without noticing, she'd found herself returning to the Teekon Wilds
- Meets Depp and agrees to join him in his desire to lead a pack, begins the search for recruits
- Founds Seadog Sanctuary with Depp and their followers
- Children conceived
- Daughters are born
- Sao is taken and assumed dead
- Seadog disbands; Sen and Chusi head for Rosings
- Chusi is kidnapped
- Rosings disbands, Sen heads off with Amara; the two eventually get separated
- Sen is murdered
Pack History
Family Tree

Parents: Dracoon Silt ♂ & Violette Gorgon ♀
Littermates: Khoi “Mamba” Gorgon ♂, Zita "Pyth" Gorgon ♀
Half Siblings: Plamen Silt ♂, Rubye Silt ♀, Tiamat Silt ♀, Hadyn Silt ♂ — May 20, 2013 (Dracoon Silt ♂ x Mirela Silt ♀)
Kenina Silt ♀, Attor Silt ♂, Ladon Silt ♂ — August 16, 2015 (Dracoon Silt ♂ x Mirela Silt ♀)
Children: Sao Gorgon ♀, Chusi Gorgon ♀, Unnamed ♀
Lone Wolf: Born, with familyTraveling
Duskfire Glacier: - Mu⇡ Eta⇣ Theta⇡ Eta⇡ Delta⇣ Epsilon⇡ Delta
Lone Wolf: Pack disbanded, traveling
Serpent Keep: - Empress
Lone Wolf: Left pack, traveling
Seadog Sanctuary: - Alpha
Lone Wolf: Pack disbanded, traveling
Rosings: - Member⇡ Beta
Lone Wolf: Pack disbanded, traveling
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