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Full Name: Byll
Subspecies: Grey Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (April 2nd)
Birthplace: Hellthicket
At A Glance
Pale white, she is more often than not stained in blood new and old. She mirrors Buffalo, typically, but there are times where the blood is anywhere and everywhere, mirroring her chaotic mind.
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Profile of Byll: Details
Byll would be lovely to behold, given she is sylphlike and slight. She has a pretty face, and she is narrow and whiplike... but she carries herself in manners that mar the fact that she could be attractive. There is either an ultra amount of confidence, and when this occurs it is quite clear there is a lunatic raging within, or a cowering thing, frail and breakable.
There is no better word than unstable for Byll, who is either obsessively adoring, full of an indescribable amount of fear, or just a hateful wretch. There is no telling when and where she will turn, only that it will happen. There are times where Byll can be as charismatic and as lovely as Buffalo himself, and times she can behave intelligently and coherently.
Born to a madwoman at the beginning of spring, the twins were reared in chaos. Clarice was equally as cruel and neglectful toward her spawn as she was doting; their fate from day to day depended upon her mood. When they were six months, the spirit-addled woman abandoned them permanently, following the voices ever present in her mind. Buffalo assumed the role of caretaker to his fragile sister, and between the both of them they were able to keep themselves alive during the bountiful spring and verdant summer. Now, as winter touches the land, the pair seek solace and shelter, feral and matted, their frames emaciated, yet with a mad glow burning brightly in their eyes.
Their mother is Freyja "Clarice," and their father is Lecter. However, the event that precipitated their conception was believed by their mother to be Sos' manifestation unto her, and so she has never told them of the shaman's role; Buffalo and Byll have been reared as the children of the Dark Bear, and they recognize no other father.
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