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Full Name: Gluskap Varkentje
Subspecies: Coywolf
Sex: Male
Age: 4 (-)
Birthplace: Charnel's Keep
At A Glance
A quiet and cunning rogue. Comprised of rich tawny coloration, daubed in dashes of ochre - most prominently on his muzzle. Cutthroat, fiendish, and uncouth. Gluskap is a savage and aloof creature. There is a lump and tuft of fur at his rear where his tail used to be.
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Profile of Gluskap: Details
Gluska boasts a sable agouti pattern besmattered with long streaks of cinnamon and chestnut. His coloring is fairly standard for his subspecies, though the narrowness of his muzzle is sharply accentuated by bright copper. Gluska's eyes are fierce and yellow in coloration. He's built for agility and speed. The coyote in his blood offers him the appearance of a skeletal figure. Long spindly legs support his ochre-smattered body. Glu is not large by any means, but he is well in tune with his own limitations and uses his size difference to his advantage.

After attempting to steal away a member of Donnelaith, Gluskap was attacked by a dark loner. Though their fight did not last long, and Gluska was not dramatically injured, he had his tail forcibly removed from his body. In place of it, he now sports and tufted stump.
Gluska is the quietest of the brood, and has honed his talents as a thief and trickster. He is reticent when alone, but professes adoration for Kaliska. He is a formidable tracker and while average in stature, is a precocious fighter. Gluska considers it his duty to protect his family, and had accompanied Kaliska to the Teekon Wilds to keep a protective eye on her. When his sister vanished from sight, and even his tracking capabilities left him empty-handed, he returned to the Wilds to remain closer to Caiaphas. Being on his own, the coywolf has found himself growing restless and bored. Having spent a vast majority of his time with his inky-furred sibling, he picked up on a wealth of knowledge in regards to healing.

Glu is unpredictable at best, with a penchant for trouble and trickery. He gets a quick thrill out of causing trouble for others, and in turn analyzing the outcome of what has happened. The wiry beast does not often find himself turning tail when trouble arises. In fact, he's quick to throw himself into the fray.
Two sisters; one leads the pack of Saltwinter (Caiaphas) and the other is a fiendish nomad (Kaliska)
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