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Basic Info
Full Name: Eily Vivienne Sheridan
Subspecies: Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 1.4 years (22-6-2013)
Birthplace: Côté Rivage
At A Glance
This she-wolf is small, her build feminine, her crown complete with small, twitchy ears. Her eyes are a mystifying aqua-green, a stark contrast against a pelt of pristine white.
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Profile of Eily: Details
Eily is a pale wolfess, her thick fur made of one color— a pure, bright white. She is very slender and sure-footed, her frame nimble. Her eyes are an avid, lively shade of teal-green, and are often described by others to be two turquoise gemstones.
Eily is fun-spirited and confident. She enjoys frequent company and really dislikes being alone with herself, though she does not rely entirely on the presence of others. Friends are easily made just as she meets someone, though she tries her best. She may occasionally have her stubborn moments, but like all she is currently working on that.
Born on a windy coast in the middle of a hot June, Eily was immediately taken with her littermate, Renee, from a very early age. They were inseparable and very much relied on each other.
Despite their leading of very similar lives, they learnt to grow apart from their parents and slowly, each other. Eily has been on the road alone ever since, occasionally seeking company with the chirpy birds and her own thoughts, and has recently found herself in the area known as the Teekon Wilds.
Eily hopes to one day reunite with Renee and perhaps, her parents, again.
Pack History
<b>James Sheridan</b> - Father
<b>Koest Hellimuer</b> - Mother
<b>Renee Sheridan</b> - Sister, littermate
<b>Lone Wolf</b>
16-8-2014 - 22-12-2014
<b>Swiftcurrent Creek</b>
22-12-2014 - Present
Profile of Eily: Additional Information
eily is available for threads anytime, pm me if interested ☺
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