Profile of Cry: Quick Facts

Mate to Gwen
Played By: Sɪᴛʜ’ᴀʀɪ
Basic Info
Full Name: Cry
Subspecies: Mackenzie mix with a shred of Timber
Sex: Male
Age: 4 years ( Janurary 1st, 2014)
Birthplace: A web of lies, affairs, and death outside of Teekon.
At a Glance
Absolute darkness. But that darkness has the very jewels of winters shattering wrath within those frozen irises.
Profile of Cry: Details
A build between muscle and speed. Cry isn't one for fight, though he knows how to handle himself pretty well in case of one. An array of criss-crossed patchwork of scars weave artfully on his back. His face is a mask. How he can keep it emotional and emotionless at the same time, baffles even himself. He doesnt know how it happens...he just does it.
Cry hasn't got a lick of stupidity within him, and it shows in the vibrance of his speech...when he does speak. He isn't too fond of talking. And it angers him when others ask him anything dealing with his past. He just shuts down. Good luck on getting it out of him.

He however, is loyal. One thing he found hard to break, was his ability to put himself to work, and do his work correctly. Whenever he is assigned a job, it is his sole purpose to never fail. However, priorities are not an issue to him, and he always finds a way to effectively and effieciently take care of a problem.
Or a persistent and non-mundane wolf.
Cry won't tell his story. Currently, he's giving me that look of death if I dare try to type it, so in order to make sure im able to wake up the next morning, I can't type it. Sorry guys. You're just gonna have to try and chip it out of him. Just make sure he doesn't come after you, too.

(To be determined)
Mom. Dad. 3 Brothers.

All Dead.

Mate: Gwen Eruna ~♥
Pack History
He was born.

Here he is.

Told you, I can't tell any history on him. :(
Profile of Cry: Additional Information
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