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Basic Info
Full Name: Freyja <q>Clarice</q>
Subspecies: Multiple
Sex: Female
Age: 2 ()
Birthplace: Shearwater Bay
At A Glance
There is a sharp beauty to her. Perpetually poised and lovely. And yet, there is something terribly disjointed about her character...
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Profile of Clarice: Details
Clarice is lovely to behold, physically, in every way. She has grown wonderfully into the adult she has become. She is lean, with very little muscle to her, and tall. The woman is not a pure white; there are black furs that pepper her furs, and the same dark color holds fast to the bridge of her muzzle. There is a strange calculated intelligence to each of her moves, but something entirely unseemly. It would not do to call her <Q>ethereal</q>, but there is something otherworldly about her stature. There are times when she wears the blood of those she has sacrificed.
Volatile and explosive some days. Never peaceable toward strangers. Displeased with your existence.
Clarice was born to two violent beings, one who taught her the ways of magics and the other who&mdash;for her brief time around&mdash;taught her how to bite. She has always preferred the former to the latter, even to this day. Freyja has roamed the earth following the commands of the omnipotent voice within her head, that has now commanded her to keep going.
Pack History
Lecter, Valkari
Shearwater Bay throughout her childhood; The Betrayers.
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Clarice believes in her craft, passionately so.
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