Profile of Burke: Quick Facts
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Mate to Malice
Basic Info
Full Name: Burke Sebastian Rochester-BlackFeather
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 8 (22th October 2009)
Birthplace: Denali National Park, Alaska
At A Glance
Burke is immensely sized and has docked tail. He also has a charcoal mask on his face with piercing pale blue eyes, along with the 'Rochester Dots' on his brow.

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Profile of Burke: Details
Burke is a heavy set male of 155 pounds. He has a light grey base, with darker and lighter grey decorating his body. His paws go from light to dark at the bottom. Burke's belly is a lighter grey than his base color. A charcoal saddle fancies his back that continues to his docked tail. This same color makes a charcoal mask on his face. Two lighter dots appear above his eyes. A darker charcoal shows on the tips of his ears. A set of light blue eyes makes this wolf take in his surroundings.

This male's body endured quite a lot over the 6 years that the wolf lived. At the first few months of his life Burke's tail got stuck. To free free himself Burke bit through his own tail before he was even 6 months old. Next a scar appeared on the upper part of his left front paw thanks to battling his brother. One other notable set of scars are the marks a bear left on his hindquarters. Furthermore one of his ears has a cut in the rim due to previous battles.

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Burke was the second born son in a litter of five. Three of his siblings didn't make it through the harsh winter at the current time. He was left with only one brother to spar with. The male stayed with at the big pack in Alaska until he was two and a half. Burke felt like he couldn't grow in rank anymore. Yes, the ambitious young wolf would have liked to take his dad's throne right under his nose but Burke had too much respect for his father to do so. It wouldn't seem right after his wise lessons. With fondness in his heart he left his family.

Burke didn't leave without thinking things through. He left with his brother and a female of the large family. Together they formed a small pack that picked up strays as they searched for their own land. Thorn Ledge was founded on, surprisingly, a thorny ledge overlooking the valley below. Being with his brother was so much as a blessing as a curse. Both males had their own way of thinking and leadership. Often the two brothers would fight each other till one of the two gave up. As seen in his Rack History, the two switched places quite often. The two brothers even fought over several females. Over the two years that the males reigned quite a lot of pups were born. Both brothers were clueless of which pup was an offspring of their own. Eventually the grey male left his brother to prove that he could not manage such a big pack alone. For the first time Burke boldly settled into the life of a lone bachelor. Further explained HERE;

After joining Black Feather Woods and becoming Meldresi's trusting Beta, Burke finally learns what love feels like and settles down with Meldresi Melonii as his mate. After they mated Meldresi heads off on her own and fails to return. In her absence he steps up being the alpha of Black Feather Woods, claiming himself as the Dark King. After a month of worry and stress about Meldresi still being alive she returns with Dark Brother Slade. Their reunion is well celebrated, resulting in Meldresi becoming pregnant with Burke's pups. The pregnancy itself comes down roughly on Meldresi, still she manages to deliver two healthy pups into the world on October 7th 2015.

Soon after the pups were born Meldresi was still feeling ill. The blood-sickness as she called it, lingered and eventually her body prevailed under the illness. With the pups being only four weeks old Burke had become a widower and a single father in one day. After losing his mate Burke decides to slowly develop the pack further.

After a reign of one and a half years Burke is faced with a civil war within his ranks. Damien, Potema, Cicero, Nemesis and Kove all turn against him soon after he brought Malice into his pack. They didn't agree with him that he was allowed to bring in a pregnant female. Burke thought about it differently. He was faced with a choice, to leave or to step down. Burke didn't want either of those but chose to step down. He did not want to leave Malice and his children. As soon as the moment presented itself Burke escaped with Malice and left to found their own pack.

After a few weeks of traveling they found Two Rivers Isle, a perfect and quiet location. Instantly the two wanted to found a pack there. It took them some preparations but with loyal Aeronwyn and Shink they founded their pack Arthendal on July 27th. Burke tries to be a good father to their two sons, Pryo and Vassago. He was awfully protective of them and tries to teach them his way of dealing with the world. Though not all was well, and once the brotherhood was, by their knowledge, on their trail they moved and asked refuge in Broken Antler Fen, the pack of Burke's son Sebastian.

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— Trades
        Counselor Trade — 13.12.2015
        Mercenary Trade — 13.12.2015
        Guardian Specialty— 21.02.2016
        Mentor Specialty— 24.03.2016
        Therapist Specialty— 31.07.2016

— Other Achievements
        Dark Brother — 11.02.2015
        Mentor, Spy-Branch. — 29.07.2015
        Mentor, Assassin-Branch. — 29.07.2015
        Head of the Brotherhood. — 07.11.2015
Pack History
Burke has a brother named Darius Ronan Rochester, unknowingly to Burke Darius was killed by one of his sons Sebastian Thomas Rochester. After joining Black Feather Woods and becoming Meldresi's trusting Beta, Burke finally settles down with Meldresi Melonii as his mate, she later died on 26th of October 2015. On October the 7th 2015 Burke became the father of Pietro Hircine Rochester and Kendra Boethiah Rochester. Sadly one of the twins did not make it to adulthood. Pietro died on April the 16th because he wanted to protect his sister from a cougar. Burke's latest addition to his offspring are Pyro Rochester-Lanius and Vassago Rochester-Lanius. Their mother is Malice Lanius, Burke and Malice are currently mated.
        Joined — 05.01.2015
        Lower Tier — 05.01.2015 till 11.02.2015
        Middle Tier — 11.02.2015 till 08.04.2015
        Beta — 08.04.2015 till 10.06.2015
        Alpha — 10.06.2015 till 14.06.2016
        Lower Tier — 14.06.2016 till 19.06.2016

        Loner — 19.06.2016 till 27.07.2016

        Lord — 27.07.2016 till 06.01.2017

        Lower Tier — 08.01.2017 till 12.05.2017

        Lower Tier — 12.05.2017 till 19.08.17

        Cemna (Middle Tier) — 21.08.2017 till 03.09.17
        Antë (Upper Tier) — 03.09.2017 till 03.10.2017
        Cemna (Middle Tier) — 03.10.2017 till present
Profile of Burke: Additional Information
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