Profile of Wynter Wolf: Quick Facts
Wynter Wolf
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Basic Info
Full Name: Wynter Redtail
Subspecies: Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years (April 17 2013)
Birthplace: Outside of Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
Ginger coat with hints of black throughout. A scar on her shoulder from her battle with DFG.
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Profile of Wynter Wolf: Details
Her ginger coat is rough from lack of grooming since lately she hasnt really been paying much attention to how good she looks. Still torn after her break up with Reek. Amber eyes. Fairly lean. Few scars on her muzzle and one on her shoulder from the battle with DFG. She also has a gash on her back left hip from a recent encounter with a bear. Its healing but it bothers her so it gives her a bit of a limp.
Sweet, Honest, Loyal but fierce to defend the ones who mean the most to her. Heartbroken after her breakup with Reek but she is recovering slowly.

When she sets her mind to something she is determined to finish that thing and if she doesn't she can get quite frustrated.
She was forced to flee when she was a year old after a rival pack took over her old territory most of her family was killed in the battle. She has been looking for a new home ever since.

Having joined Ankyra Sound when she first arrived in the wilds she spent a few months there with Caiaphas and the others. While she was there she became very close with one of the male wolves however against the rules that may have been.

After Caiaphas left them most of the pack split and went their own ways. However, Wynter had chosen to travel with Reek. They had stayed together, and they met Saena while travelling up in the mountatins near the Caldera.

There the idea was introduced to them of joining her to form a pack in Redtail Rise. Now Wynter is happily living at the rise with Reek who is now her mate and loyal companion.

After a dramatic break up between her and Reek, Wynter is journeying to find her new home. Perhaps she will start a pack of her own?

Alone and wandering heartbroken and lost, Wynter finds herself wandering back to the coast. She heard rumours of her old Alphas return to the wilds and Wynter was determined to find her. She had questions that needed answers and she would get them one way or another.

Unfortunately on her travels she got attacked by a large black bare and despite her efforts to find help in Reek and Saena back at the rise, she died from her injuries.

Rest in peace Wynter Redtail
Pack History
Ex Mate: Reek Redtail

Ankyra Sound- ~Kappa~Theta~Delta~Gamma

Lone Wolf 03/30/15~04/28/15 (Second date not accurate)

Redtail Rise-

Lone wolf
(Aug 1 2015 ~ Now)
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