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Basic Info
Full Name: Outlaw
Subspecies: Border Collie
Sex: Male
Age: 2.5 yrs (August 28, 2012)
Birthplace: An abusive home
At A Glance
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Profile of Outlaw: Details
A handsome white teen with a black cape and dark circles around his eyes. His eyes are brown and haunted from memories of the lab. Fluffy but under that fluff is muscle of a young man. He often walks with his head held high and a look of satisfaction in his eyes. Under his fur his neck is reddish and sore from chains when he was not in his cage. He has a major limp in his back right leg, from being abused by humans. Several scars adorn his pretty face, as well as his front legs. The fur around his stomach is shaved away. Scrawny, currently. But still one handsome devil.
A playful teen who likes to chill with his bros and have fun. He loves daring stunts and cute girls. Outlaw often messes with people or stirs up trouble just for fun. Almost never for truly bad intentions, just for a laugh. He thinks he's the king of anyone younger than him, even if just by a week or two. He is loud around friends and quiet around strangers or mere acquaintances. However, he can easily fall into depression or anger, as he is always a bit on edge. When he is depressed or angry he sometimes hurts himself. He often suffers from insomnia.
Outlaw was unamed for the first six months of his life. He was already abused as a pup, born into an unfriendly world. He was sold to someone else when he was six months, and named Outlaw. But the kid was quickly sold from there within a few months. He had finally been sold to SycamoreLab where testing and abuse happened. An animal activist group broke in and got the animals in trucks. Unfortunately the truck Outlaw hit a patch of ice and rolled off the road. Many animals were dead, but about two dozen dogs among others were fine. Outlaw got away with his new group and escaped into the Wilds.
Pack History
All his dawgy frands!!! •
Siblings and Parents are unknown and conditions unknown. His best friend was Railroad, who died in the crash of the truck. Besides that he is not very close to anyone (yet).
SycamoreLabs Escaper.. Escapee?
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