Profile of Warthog: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name:
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (june 14th, 2011)
Birthplace: SycamoreLabs
At A Glance
Warthog has the unfortunate underbite and caved muzzle of an ill bred dog. Hulking and impressive, she snorts and coughs through her words, and stringy drool pours from one side of her mouth at all times.
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Profile of Warthog: Details
Warthog is a very large female Rottweiler, exhibiting the typical black-and-tan of her breed. She is scarred and burned upon her withers, where the effects of battery acid upon flesh was tested. Her tail is docked and her ears are tattered from the occasional scuffle with the other lab dogs.

Per the crash that led to her freedom, Warthog suffers multiple lacerations along her left side. They are slowly healing, but still ooze blood. The dewclaw on her left foreleg was ripped off as well, and she walks with a limp for now.
She is a silent type, but does not like others near. Her anger and fear is depicted in savage, quiet attacks, and she has a twitch of the eyelid that can be seen when she is under duress.
Born to a starving female at SycamoreLabs, Warthog was taken from her mother and siblings when she was barely weaned and subjected to a battery of tests for the following three years. She is wary, savage, and unpredictable.
Pack History
JUNE 14TH, 2011 &mdash; born at SycamoreLabs <br/>

FEBRUARY 1ST, 2015 &mdash; escaped from the wreckage of a transport convoy along with other dogs.
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