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Full Name: Ciqala » "<i>little one</i>"
Subspecies: <i>vulpes vulpes</i> » probably some mutant variant between gray and red varieties.
Sex: Male
Age: 2.8 » the equivalent of a 16 year old mentally (hooray)
Birthplace: heaven (it was a long way down)
At A Glance
40" (length) of amber, 17" of tail striated with silver filigree (the lord of the swag), 8lbs of total (inconsequential) mass. One very small, very <i>loud</i> mouth.
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One of the smallest vulpes-vulpes you ever did see. <i>Runt</i> is an understatement - a badass mofo in a child's body. Amber, crimson, and cream adorn his tiny <i>flawless</i> self, with a <i>positively demonic</i> set of itty-bitty black eyes.
<i>Lord of the swag</i>. Or the master of a napoleon complex - your call.
One day there were two itty-bitty foxes, and they did some itty-bitty-ditty together, which <i>low and behold</i> resulted in this <i>fine piece of garbage</i>. Aside from the coming of the messiah (that's Ciqala in case you were wondering) nothing eventful happened that day.
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