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Basic Info
Full Name: Sebastian Thomas Rochester
Subspecies: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 5 (19 March 2013)
Birthplace: Thorn Ledge Pack, Canada
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Profile of Sebastian: Details
[Image: ht5w5c.jpg] Sebastian is a heavy set male of 125 pounds. He has a light grey base, with darker and lighter grey decorating his body. Sebastian's belly is a lighter grey than his base color. A charcoal saddle fancies his back that continues to his lush tail. This same color makes a charcoal mask on his face. Two lighter dots appear above his eyes. A darker charcoal shows on the tips of his ears. A set of light blue eyes makes this wolf take in his surroundings. Sebastian looks exactly like his father, only he doesn't have a docked tail.

02/2018: In the war against Blackfeather, Sebastian lost his tail. He now sports a docked tail much like his deceased father Burke. Due to a deep gash on his shoulder, he will always have a large scar on his left shoulder which no fur will grow over.
[Image: tumblr_oaqe7xo6HP1vw3o6mo8_250.png]Sebastian is a very responsible young man. After seeing what happened to his family pack. Sebastian holds a strong bitterness and rage towards Burke. Towards others he is quite social and friendly but once the topic switches to his father Sebastian had no problem in showing that bitterness. On January the 27th he confronted his father, starting to work on the bitterness he has towards his father.

Other than that Sebastian is basically a big cuddly teddybear from the inside. He might look intimidating at first but after each meeting, this wolf giant will shed his layers of caution and show an ambitious and affectionate young man. Sebastian can be rather awkward or clumsy around females since he has no clue how to flirt with them. He is a good and lovable pup in general. He always tries to be a gentleman with the ladies. He loves to take on a caring mate-like role with the females he is closer with.

Sebastian is quite reckless and bad in decision making. Often he will make the wrong decision because of his stubbornness and will have to deal with the aftermath. Often the aftermath is a set of wounds, or other injury.
Sebastian was the third born son in a litter of four but it felt as if he was born in a litter of sixteen. Thorn Ledge had five females. All these females got knocked up due to the rivalry between Burke, Sebastian's father, and his uncle Darius. Burke wasn't a very loving father but he took care of his pack. When Sebastian was growing up he quickly realized that it was his father that did all the alpha work while uncle Darius did nothing except fight Burke over the alpha spot. Sebastian often yearned for the attention of his father. One he never really got. It was like Burke didn't even see him.

Slowly Sebastian started to idolize his father. When he came back with a big meal for that day, or when he was fighting his uncle, Sebastian would root for Burke. The only thing that soothed the pain of not being acknowledged by his father is that none of the pups got any attention from Burke. Sebastian's mother, Dalia, told him often how much he looked like his father. As a teenager, Sebastian tried to bite his own tail off too but it hurt so much he couldn't do it. That made his vision of Burke being his 'Super Dad' even stronger. He wanted to be as ambitious, strong, and hardworking as Burke.

[Image: 0nyFvi8.png]But then a dark day appeared in Sebastian's life. After Burke lost another fight against Darius his father suddenly... left. Sebastian's whole fantasy world he made up in his head about the fact that his father did secretly care for him was thrown off the ledge he lived on. His father left him and his family under the care of Darius. His uncle who only wanted power and do nothing except fight for it. His father didn't care about him at all. Sebastian was instantly promoted to his father's spot, Beta. A huge responsibility came upon the 1,5-year-old's shoulders. Darius wasn't going to hunt for his family. He would only protect the borders if a male came snooping if a female wandered in Sebastian was certain his uncle did things he wasn't ready for. Sebastian grew more bitter each day towards his father. He abandoned them instead of fighting for his family! Like the true alpha Burke should be!

They pack grew skinnier by the day. Everyone seemed to miss Burke after he left. Sebastian once again started believing that his father was coming back. He had proven his point. Darius couldn't care for a pack. But Burke never returned. The hunger made Darius attack more youngsters. There had already been a few deaths but after Sebastian's father left the death count rose enormously. Sebastian lost his three other siblings, two of them ended being dead between Darius' teeth. Sebastian had always been protective of his mom, especially when Darius came lurking to see if she was in heat. Sebastian loathed his uncle. Eventually, his mother died during childbirth. Sebastian went ballistic in rage. This was all his father's fault. He doomed them. Because of Burke all of this happened. Sebastian viciously attacked his Uncle in his grief. Darius slipped and was slowly killed as he rolled down the thorny ledge all the way to the bottom.

Sebastian wanted answers. He wanted to know his father's reasoning and why he left. Under all this bitterness Sebastian just wants to be acknowledged and loved by his father. But the male has to get over all that bitterness before he can see his father as that 'Super Dad' again. That is why Sebastian came looking for his so-called Super Dad. After finding his dad Sebastian joins a pack close by to keep an eye on his father. Hopefully, that would give him some insight, and that was what Sebastian got. After being in a loving pack he realized he didn't need his father's approval or to confront him about what Burke did. Sebastian decided to live his own life far away from his father.

After meeting Haven on his travels Sebastian decides to start a pack together, but only a few weeks later Haven disappears and Sebastian is left to deal with a broken heart and her brother Aduin. Sebastian grows close to Aduin and takes them to RHC to rejoin the pack he lived in before. Only before he joins Sebastian realized that he needs to confront his father Burke first before he could live in peace at the caldera pack. After their confrontation, Sebastian is asked to join and he accepts under the motto of getting to know his father better. It didn't take long for him to get kicked out. The reason for this was because he protected his ex-girlfriend Haven from his father.

After that Sebastian wanted to return to RHC but his heart wasn't in it. He wanted more responsibility, his own family and breeding rights. So the male decided to start a pack together with Aduin in his ranks. He managed to pick up some members along the way. Including Pearl that he found out after forming his pack is the one he wanted to spend his life with. Sebastian mated with his good friend and is very happy with her. They both are the alphas of Broken Antler Fen. Yet life wasn't always easy, because of the famine that soon followed. Luckily the two lovebirds have each other.

Soon after the famine, a sickness came to the wolves of the fen. They concluded that it came from polluted waters. Sebastian took his family to merge with RHC, a former pack he was in and still good friends with. After he joined Pearl vanished, same for his daughters. Sebastian had to battle through a depression with his family leaving him. With his mental health not fully alright after losing most of his family, he wanted to go away from Redhawk Caldera with Andalusia. One of his best friends. However, due to a war and out of loyalty, Sebastian stayed to fight for them. After the war, Sebastian suffered from hallucinations due to a fever coming from an internal infection.

Later, the male went to travel to his sister's pack. He thought Andalusia was dead and went to live with the one he knew. He left the Redhawks after the war as he couldn't give them loyalty anymore as he needed to keep a promise to his sister. When living at Morningside, Sebastian started to give Andalusia's death a place. However, she turned out to be alive and they confessed their love for one another.

Later, Sebastian moved to Moonspear to be with her. However, once he reached the pack, Andalusia wanted to travel and grow old with him. So, they went to explore Teekon and the surrounding area's together. They grew old and happy together, spending their elder days together.
Pack History
Sebastian has a father named Burke Sebastian Rochester. He loathed his uncle Darius Ronan Rochester who died while fighting Sebastian. His mother Dalia Strongheart died during childbirth of her second litter. Later one of his litter mates Nathaniel Ronan Rochester came to look for him. Since the 14th of May Sebastian mated with Pearl Iosila. Sebastian also has a full sister of the same litter named Aviana Dalia Rochester. On the 21st of October Sebastian's first litter with his mate Pearl will be born. He will have two sons Benjamin and Mato, and he will also have two girls Ivy and Nova.
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