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Basic Info
Full Name: Ray Redleaf-DiSarinno
Subspecies: Eastern Timber Wolf, Mackenzie Valley Wolf, etc.
Sex: Male
Age: 3 (March 25, 2012)
Birthplace: Seahawk Valley, British Columbia
At A Glance
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Profile of Ray: Details
He's tall, though otherwise average in build. His fur is primarily a dark charcoal hue, although it fades to a creamy white color on his underside. His face is narrow and his dark brown eyes are sharp and intelligent.
Human Model: Jared Padalecki
He's a bit more serious than his brother and sidekick, Dean, but he's smart, sweet and remarkably good-natured.
Ray departed Flightless Falcons voluntarily the first time, going along to support his sister when she founded her own pack. It didn't last long and the siblings returned to their birth pack. The next time Ray left, it was because he was exiled along with the rest of his brothers. He and Dean stuck together after that, taking up a life of travel and adventure. After eighteen months on the road, he grew weary of traveling and began look for someplace to settle, with Dean reluctantly following suit.
Pack History
His family tree's very large, though his immediately family includes his parents, Aether DiSarinno and March Owl Redleaf, and his two litter mates, Dean and Koontz.
He lived in Flightless Falcons, other than a brief stint in Dragonwatchers, until he was exiled in early 2014. He has been a nomad ever since.
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