Profile of Ragna: Quick Facts

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Basic Info
Full Name: Ragna Loðbrók
Subspecies: ½ Eastern Timber, ¼ Grey Wolf, and ¼ Mackenzie Valley
Sex: Female
Age: 1 (April 5, 2015)
Birthplace: Stavanger Bay
At A Glance
A small wolf. Cautious blue eyes, unkempt ivory fur. Grim faced but handsome. Swole af.

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human model- samantha wright
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Profile of Ragna: Details
Quick and clever, Ragna's pride is reflected in her bearing. She is fair of face with bright blue eyes. Her ivory coat is accented with light brown on her ears, paws, and tail. Though small, she is well muscled, compact but dense. In bare times, she tends towards emaciated, and her gait is slow and careful. Ragna speaks softly and favors brevity.

HEIGHT 26" · WEIGHT 65 lbs
True Neutral - Her strengths are her diligence, her honor, and her adventurousness. She is a warrior, enchanted with stories, though her tongue may not be skilled enough to weave them. And though her skills as a warrior and adventurer are great, she struggles with more emotional and social skills. Stubborn, blunt, and perhaps even stand-offish at times, she is less than graceful as she maneuvers the intricate politics of pack life.
04.05.2015 born in stavanger's bay to thistle cloud and ragnar
07.18.2015 the teekon wilds are hit with a storm, prompting ragna to set off on her own
08.15.2015 ragna is found and taken in by a band of nomadic wolves
10.2.2015 outriders from odinn's cove capture the nomads as thralls. ragna avoids the fate of her travel companions by relaying her parentage, specifically her status as daughter of ragnar
08.10.2016 ragna returns to the teekon wilds and joins the malkaria
09.08.2016 the malkaria recognize the illidu-dam, during which eshamun sacrifices her entire litter to the god Molech
Pack History
Parents Thistle Cloud♀ X Ragnar
Mercury♂, Gunnar♂, and Gydamay 2014
Adopted Siblings
Charon♂ and Levi♂ Ostrega
Flóki♂, Kaylan♂, and Jorunn (Kjallar)*♂ april 2015
Nieces and Nephews:
Thyri♀, Freyja♀, Hvitserk♂, and Eskejune 2016 via Gyda x Gavriel
Korei Julia♀, Alya♀, Lyra♀, and Hydraaugust 2016 via Charon x Amekaze
Keoni♀ and Nikaiseptember 2016 via Charon x Althaia
Other Relations: Sagahalf-niece

*as of this thread Ragna no longer considers Kjallar as family
STAVANGER'S BAY april 2015→august 2015
Wanderer august 2015→october 2015
ODINN'S COVE october 2015→may 2016
Wanderer may 2016→august 2016
THE MALKARIA august 2016→??/????

trades & specialties
[Image: gamekeeper.gif]- in progress
[Image: warrior.gif]- in progress
Profile of Ragna: Additional Information
Ragna is gender fluid, identifying as male and/or female at any given time. I do not expect all in character interactions to be respectful of this and understand IC bias.
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