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Full Name: Kjalarr Skrælingjar
Nicknames: Kja, Atli
Subspecies: Mixed (mackenzie valley x eastern timber x canadian x grey wolf)
Sex: Male
Age: 4 years (April 5, 2015)
Birthplace: Stavanger Bay, Teekon Wilds (Stavanger Bay)
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Artwork by Laur
Kjalarr takes after his grandfather Eitri and deceased father Ragnar in build and the fierce, albeit strikingly handsome planes of his face. The berserker is large: tall, broad and boasts of a build that is quintessentially kingly, undeniably strong and intimidating. Due to a recent series of fights during his time in Odinn’s Cove he bears a new set of (three) claw marks over his left eye: the longest starting at his brow bone cutting down his eye and just over the cheek bone, the second (medium) an inch apart slicing the corner of his eye and the last (smallest) three inches from the second. Fur is that of platinum silver that fades gradually to stockings and paws the color of warm sand. Almost identical to Ragnar's own, Kjalarr too, now bears three slashes across the bridge of his muzzle from a bear. Kjalarr's right eye is a fierce, piercing Caribbean blue; gem-like in it's beauty and fierce in it's chill while his left eye is a frosted, milky white and he is almost completely blind it in though he can see vague shadows (that appear more like apparitions or smoke). A gift and a curse of his believed gods as if he lingers between the realm of midgard & the realm of niflheim. Is branded with the shadowmark by Potema (x) on his right thigh.

CURRENT CONDITION: — weary from travel, generally unkempt
"i am the fingers touching dark in a heartbeat. i am thunderstorms in my veins."tina jaxén (x)

personality/temperment shift.ásabragr || A T L I "the terrible"

underneath a cloak of aristocracy there is something tameless about him, the soul of a berserker burning just beneath the surface of his skin.

to be fleshed out organically.

Long gone is the boy he once was and in the boy's place grew a man. Shaped by the hardships, by the responsibilities of being a leader and now a (future) father Kjalarr is more like his father (Ragnar) than he will ever know. Kjalarr is a man who values loyalty and duty above all else. He will do what he feels is right, and holds himself to the principle that once he makes a promise he will do everything in his power to see it through. He believes faithfully in the Nordic Gods of his biological father though unguided he does not hold the rituals and ceremonies of his culture. He can easily be seen as barbaric in some matters (and perhaps therein lies a truth), for though it is not widely known, he has dabbled in the practice of cannibalism to survive the famine though he is lucky that it did not leave him with madness or much of a desire to continue it. He is the kind of beast to do what he has to do and will not spend time lingering too long over the decision. He has learned to put his new and budding family's needs before his own and will do what he feels is right for them regardless of who or what it goes against. He is loyal to those that have earned it and is fiercely protective of those that he loves.

Kjalarr is not always the most patient of beasts, though he is learning. He is vain and to an extent arrogant but these traits, too, have begun to mellow the more humility he learns. He is not quite as outright aggressive as he was as a child but that northman & berserker ire lingers still, seething just below the depths. As he grows and learns (for life and his Gods still has much to teach him!) he seeks the wisdom of the Allfather, but learning to listen is still very much a work in progress. He is (to the point of being absolutely insufferable at times) stubborn and getting him to change his view on things can easily be compared to trying to push a building up a mountain (not necessarily impossible but highly unlikely) — he does not typically like council from others unless he seeks it (it's a slow progression of a work in progress).

Kjalarr is not afraid to speak his mind, nor does he truly mind negative opinions towards him by others. He understands the basic principle that he cannot please everyone and just as he does not like some wolves they, in turn, will not always like him. He is a wolf and isn't bothered by the opinions of sheep (so to speak). He is quick to err to jealousy and as it turns out has a libertine disposition like his biological father before him.
he was born. his father died. a bear almost ate him. the sea almost swallowed him. scimitar & co found and raised him. he fought with his fam. he joined saltwinter, became alpha & knocked up some ladies before saltwinter disbanded and with the death of scimitar & eshe rose took the empty throne alongside his aunt kaskara. in mid january during the "frostbitten" bwp kjalarr gets caught out in the storm & will have to make the decision between life and death. between being caught out in part of the ice storm that wreaked havoc upon the wilds, his plaguing nightmares of his father, and the grief of killing and burying his daughters kjalarr is not the same man he was before it all. after stepping down and watching the decline of neverwinter forest kjalarr leaves it behind ending his mateship with ondine with the gesture and promising his son he will return for him while he seeks a home for them elsewhere in the wilds.

he challenges the current leader of odinn's cove and wins at the cost of his left eye and earns himself the name atli meaning "the terrible"; shortly after abandons the name lodbrok for a name of his own: skrælingjar. he leads the pack for a few months before leaving it behind to wonder back to the teekons lured back by maude, arrille and the mysterious boy vaati and the enigmatic mother of said possible son he seeks to meet and a few weeks after joining blackfeather woods leaves the wilds.

kjalarr returns after a month or so away begging for potema to take him back. she does but not without consequence — a physical consequence that is carved into his flesh.
Pack History
PARENTS Ragnar ✝ x Thistle Cloud
SIBLINGS Floki , Ragna , Kaylan
OFFSPRING Vaati (via Potema)
Arrille , Unnamed ✝, Unnamed (via Ondine)
GRAND-SPAWN Tizir , Xizur (via Vaati)

for the full list of relations see the loðbrok family tree.
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ásabragr ( lord of the æsir ) — the rank/title he bore in odinn's cove
Profile of Kjalarr: Additional Information
Kjalarr — the nourisher
Atli — the terrible
Skrælingjar — "savage"
Born: Jorunn Eitri Lodbrok
Past Monikers: Tevinter
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kjalarr is a low priority toon at the moment and thus is restricted to two threads at a time until further notice, because of this i will be trying to make sure his threads are relatively quick paced.