Profile of Pasha: Quick Facts
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Basic Info
Full Name: Pasha Frostfur
Subspecies: ½ Arctic ¼ Mackenzie ¼ Plains
Sex: Male
Age: 1 (May 8th, 2015)
Birthplace: Nova Peak, Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
Physique: Large
Coat Color: Cinnamon & Cream
Eye Color: Silver
Personality Type: ESFJ · The Consul
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Profile of Pasha: Details
Fully grown, Pasha strongly resembles his father in overall appearance — he is cloaked in shades of cinnamon and slate along his top-side, and decorated with creams and whites along his underside, and is unquestionably broad-shouldered and tall. Unlike either of his parents, he is the beholder to a set of silver eyes. Perhaps as an attribute to his age, Pasha has yet to entirely shake off his boyish and youthful features.
Considering himself a quick study of most things, Pasha is an ambitious and fearless. He busies himself and tends to be a busy-body, always eager to soak in praise and attention—so long as it's good. He considers himself to have a steady moral compass and in turn, is often decisive in doing what he feels is right, lending to him a blunt honesty.
The third-born son of Scimitar and Bazi Frostfur, Pasha has already had an interesting life rife with adventure and perils. Born during the late Spring on Nova Peak, his life growing up on the mountainside was quaint as far as he was aware. Yet as summer rolled across the expanse of the Teekon Wilds, a storm ravaged and set fire to the Peak, forcing the pack to relocate to Jade Fern Grove. Life there was idyllic for a time... only to be upturned by the local ursine population.

Following several (both related and unrelated) incidents, one of which Pasha's brother Swift blinded, the pack turned nomadic for a stretch before ultimately settling down outside of the Wilds in a locale known as Everwinter Ridge. But by then, things had broken down so much between his parents—something Pasha had been oblivious to for months—that come winter and the arrival of younger siblings, his parents separated. Torn between staying and going and no doubt with raging teenaged emotions, Pasha opted to leave with his father and aunt, and their ventures brought them back into the Wilds and to the foundation of Neverwinter Forest.

But like the flip of a coin, Pasha felt the need to return to his mother and once again ventured back to Neverwinter Ridge, where he remained for several months. There he partook in raising his siblings and trying to find his place within his mother's pack and towards the height of summer when they were more or less grown and his mother preparing to move on from the Ridge, he dispersed and inevitably, finds himself back in the Wilds where his story continues to unfold.
Pack History
Parents: Scimitar & Bazi
2015: Allure , Swift , Whittier
2016: Bathsheva , Basia , Cypress , Rabi , Rannoch , Shar-Kali III , Scythe , Shamshir , Verona , Wilder
Nova Peak (Spring 2015 to Autumn 2015)
Jade Fern Grove (Autumn 2015)
Everwinter Ridge (Autumn 2015 to Winter 2015)
Neverwinter Forest (Winter 2015)
Everwinter Ridge (Winter 2015 to Spring 2016)
Neverwinter Forest (Summer 2016 to present)
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