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Full Name: Sigrún Chakra Feralheart
Subspecies: Alaskan tundra x Mackenzie Valley wolf
Sex: Female
Age: 3 (April 7, 2011)
Birthplace: Somewhere north
At A Glance
3 years old. Female. White fur. Bright turquoise eyes. Medium build.
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<br><center><img src=""><br><a href=""><b>Here's another reference image painted by Alex (Hiraeth)</b></a></center>
Chakra is very rigid and linear in her thinking. It can be difficult for her to "read between the lines" and grasp subtler, implied things. She has a sort of ignorance and naivety that would be endearing if she weren't such a bitch. ;) She can sometimes be all over the place in a conversation, jumping from one subject to another rather abruptly.<br><br>

What she lacks in social circumstances she more than makes up for in situations that call for strategy; she is an artist when it comes to orchestrating an attack or a hunt. <br><br>

In her mind, there is a very clear and substantial divide between friend and foe. Those who are of her pack are her world. She will do anything for them, and it is these individuals to whom she reveals the deeper, more beautiful aspects of her personality. All others, however, are perceived as rivals and enemies, and are treated as such. She will not hesitate to use her teeth rather than waste time with words; in fact, this tends to be her preference, so watch out! <br><br>

Beneath the cold, harsh, and socially obtuse exterior, there is a very deeply passionate, dedicated creature who would die to protect any one of her packmates without a second thought. These softer emotions were never really nurtured or encouraged when she was young, so she does not know how to express them or deal with them. Glimpses of them do come to the surface, however, from time to time in certain situations. <br><br>

As an Alpha, she is firm but fair. She goes out of her way to protect and provide for her pack, and recognizes and rewards good deeds. She values loyalty in her followers above all else, and does all she can to earn it. With regard to inter-pack relations, Chakra has no interest whatsoever in cultivating relationships. Her only interest in other packs is that they stay well away from Neverwinter Forest -- a sentiment she is willing to reinforce with her teeth if need be.
Chakra is the last-born daughter of <b>Salene Eshe Endore</b> and <b>Auryn Feralheart</b>. She has three brothers -- <b>Eirikr Aurelius</b>, <b><a href="" target="_blank">Antares Endore</a></b>, and <b>Eha Levi</b> -- and one sister, <b>Rika Aryn</b>. On her mother's side, she has three uncles and one aunt: <b>Julis Motoki Endore</b>, <b>Renatus Aurelius Imenand Nero</b>, <b>Leviathan Ostrega</b>, and <b>Sajni Ayet Endore</b>, respectively. On her father's side, she has one uncle -- <b>Saeran Feralheart</b>. She is nearly the mirror image of her namesake and maternal grandmother, <b>Chakra Sphinx Endore</b>.
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