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Lone Wolves

Basic Info
Full Name: Alexander “Xan” Apaata
Pronunciation: /alˈleksˈanˈdər/ · /äˈpāˈtä/
Subspecies: 25% Arctic wolf x 25% Eastern Timber wolf x 50% Northern Rocky Mountains wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 3 (June 18, 2015)
Birthplace: Bearclaw Valley, Teekon Wilds
At A Glance
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Profile of Xan: Details

Artwork by Jaclyn

Artwork by Anthony

Height: 30 in (76 cm) – Weight: 162 lbs (73 kg) – Length: 56 in (142 cm)

→ Pale white coat; thick from arctic heritage, cleanly
→ Albino; black pigment on nose
→ Central heterochromia; crimson base, pale blue around pupils
→ Small tear on his left ear (from Cicero)
Human Counterpart: Tom Ellis as Lucifer – Voice: Reference

INTJ; The Architect — Chaotic Neutral — The Challenger

Pride, Lust — Diligence, Patience
Temperament: Melancholic — Intelligence: Intrapersonal

Artwork by Jaclyn
        Caught up in a love that was believed to have the potential to last an eternity, the pairing of Kove and Scarlett set off together to create a home for themselves. With the intention of establishing a pack and, later on, beginning a family together, the duo’s work began even prior to Kove’s departure from Blackfeather Woods. Together, they gathered those that were without a home of their own and willing to follow the rulings of the pallid king and queen, slowing down only after they were with a sizable group. It was this collection of wayward individuals that eventually led to the founding of their kingdom—Bearclaw Valley—and, in the weeks that followed, the conception of their children.

        Â· MERCENARY — Obtained on an undocumented date.
Pack History
Family Tree: Paternal

Parents: Kove Apaata ♂ x Scarlett Silverpeak† ♀
Littermates: Sesi Apaata ♀, Nanook Apaata ♀, Desna Apaata ♀
Siblings: Atshen Apaata† ♂, Keelut Apaata ♂, Astrid Apaata ♀, Abraxas Apaata ♂ (younger)
Mate: - (Formerly: Reigi ♀)
Children: Nunataq ♀, Yakone ♀, Marten ♂ (via Annasiak; April 01, 2018)
Lucas ♂, Piper ♀, Wyatt ♂ (via Laurel; April 10, 2018)

Only in-game relations are listed. Consult his family tree for more information.
Bearclaw Valley: - Rho, ↑ Omicron, ↓ Rho, ↑ Xi, ↓ Omicron, ↓ Pi
Lone Wolf: Bearclaw disbanded; left for Blackfeather
Blackfeather Woods: - Xi, ↓ Pi, ↑ Omicron, ↓ Pi, ↑ Xi
Dark Brotherhood: - Xi, ↑ Iota, ↑ Theta, ↑ Eta, ↑ Zeta, ↑ Epsilon
Blackfeather Woods: - Tyro, ↓ Disgrace
Lone Wolf: September 15, 2016 – January 12, 2017
Drageda: - Kru, ↑ Gona, ↓ Branwoda
Lone Wolf: May 12, 2017 – January 23, 2018
Bearclaw Valley: - α
Lost Creek Hollow
- Recruit,
↑ Mercenary, - Denizen
Lone Wolf
Profile of Xan: Additional Information
Xan speaks the Inuit language of Inuttut and may use it to dole out insults.
English to Inuttut Dictionary – Inuttut to English Dictionary
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I can give it all to you, will you take it all from me
If love is a joke, then use me ruthlessly
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