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Basic Info
Full Name: leo bearclaw
Subspecies: multiple
Sex: Male
Age: 2 (July 1, 2015)
Birthplace: blackfeather woods
At A Glance
[Image: James.gif]
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Profile of Leo: Details
james - the end of the f***king world

a lanky wolf coated in a creamy pelt. the fur around his neck is slightly longer than the rest of his coat. a darker brown covers his muzzle and slithers down his spine. his tail is also dipped with this dark color. dead, gray, emotionless eyes top off his glum appearence.
>one large scar going from the bottom of his right eye to the tip of his muzzle (from aasivak)
>two scars over the top of his left eye (from aasivak)
>damaged right ear (from diablo)
>multiple wounds along his body, most covered with thick fur (from diablo)

true neutral
soft spoken • observant • cowardice
*leo sees and hears wisps and refers to himself as ‘we’ when they are very active. these voices consume him at times, causing him to become more irrational and violent
see pawprints
Pack History

alive deceased unknown

**parents: grimnir x lusa
**littermates:baldur, peridot

parental figures: scarlett. asterr
siblings: xan, valette, susi, nanook
nieces and nephews: alex is too lazy to list them right now, try again later.

mate: n/a
(previously: diablo)
offspring: n/a

(**biological family)

>Blackfeather Woods
>Bearclaw Valley
>Blackfeather Woods
>Lone Wolf
Obtains Scout
>Lone Wolf
Profile of Leo: Additional Information
[Image: pIMGOttUzv5Dvuh1k83MLpm8ArnnmkXcXa1ExkPd...nORTc6.png]
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